10 most Memorable Cameo Appearances of all time in Malayalam cinema

10 most Memorable Cameo Appearances of all time in Malayalam cinema: Stars making cameos in movies add a bit of glitz to any movie. Mollywood has made a lot of movies that are easy to remember because they have stars in them. In the same way, there have been times when these stars had more than just a cameo, which surprised the audience. Even some full-length characters may get forgotten after watching the movie, whereas some cameos always remain in our hearts. Here is a list of famous roles that became well-known because of how beautiful and charming the actors were.

1. Dulquer Salmaan in Parava

10 most Memorable Cameo Appearances

Dulquer Salmaan’s cameo role was one of the Major attraction of actor turned filmmaker Soubin Shahir’s debut directorial venture Parava. More than just a cameo played by a crowd puller just to attract audiences in the initial days, Dulquer’s character has much prominence in the script. Imran, played by Dulquer will stay in our hearts for sure.

2.  Mammootty in Katha Parayumbol


If anybody asks you, which is the most memorable cameo role you have ever seen in Mollywood, tell them it’s Superstar Ashokraj form the movie Katha Parayumbol. Mammootty’s performance in the movie, especially during the famous ceremonial speech, was really fantabulous. However, the movie was promoted as a Mammootty starrer even though Sreenivasan was the main protagonist.

3. Mohanlal in Summer in Bethlehem

Summer in Bathlehem

Niranjan played by Mohanlal, in the movie Summer in Bethlehem, is equally memorable as Mammootty’s Ashokraj. With his 10 minutes long performance as a remorseful offender who is in the prison, Mohanlal clearly outshined the leading actors, Jayaram and Suresh Gopi. Interestingly, the movie was released alongside Harikrishnans, which has Mohanlal playing one of the lead roles along with Mammootty.

4. Mammootty in Narasimham


It is undoubted that, Mammootty is the best choice for playing the role of a Lawyer in Malayalam. It’s a real pleasure to watch his cross-questioning sequences with prolonged English dialogues in Narasimham. It is believed that Suresh Gopi was the initial choice to play the role. The film, directed by Shaji Kailas, ran for more than 200 days in many centers and emerged as the highest grossing Malayalam film ever, at that time.

5. Suresh Gopi in Manu uncle

Suresh Gopi in Manu uncle_

Who can ever forget the brave and funny policeman Minnal Prathapan, played by Suresh Gopi, who is known as the specialist in playing cop roles, from the movie Manu Uncle. Even though, the Mammootty starrer, which also had Mohanlal in a cameo role in it, Suresh Gopi clearly outshines everyone with his comic timing and proppy body language. The movie, directed by Dennis Joseph, won the National Award for best children’s film.

6. Mohanlal in Peruvannapurathe Visheshangal

mohanlal in peruvannapurathevisheshangal

A true movie buff can never forget Achutha Kurup, a successful businessman in Singapore, who entered Peruvannapuram, a remote village in which a group of conservative people living, in a Benz car. Mohanlal plays Achutha Kurup whereas Jayaram plays Sivasankaran, the main protagonist in the movie. It was the third association of Ranjith and Kamal after Orkkapurathu and Pradeshika Varthakal. This film was a box-office success.

7. Suresh Gopi in The King

Suresh Gopi in The King

Suresh Gopi made the role of the cold-blooded police officer, who uses barbaric torture techniques to make the convict tell the truth, unforgettable even if the name of the character is not disclosed in the movie. The King, starring Mammootty in the lead role, is scripted by Renji Panicker and directed by Shaji Kailas. Yes! The very same team, who were the makers of Suresh Gopi starrers like Commissioner and Thalasthanam.

8. Mamukkoya in Nadodikkattu

Mamukkoya in Nadodikkattu

Even though Gafoorkka was an unsympathetic person, we all love him because of the way the character is presented in the movie, Nadodikkattu. The credit goes to writer Sreenivasan, director Sathyan Anthikkad and, obviously, Mamukkoya. It is worth mentioning that Gafoorkka was the man who popularized the Arabic wish Assalaamu ‘Alaikum among Malayalees. He appeared as Gafoorkka once again in Pattanapravesham, a sequel to Nadodikkattu.

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9. Thilakan in Oru Yathramozhi

Thilakan in Oru Yathramozhi

Adhrumany played by the legendary actor Thilakan is one of the characters, which showcased the real talent of the actor, even though it is just a 5 minutes long cameo role. The movie is scripted by John Paul, based on the story written by Priyadarshan and directed by Prathap Pothan. Oru Yathramozhi was the first released movie in which Mohanlal shared screen space with Sivaji Ganeshan and was a box-office hit.

10. Captain Raju in Nadodikkattu

Captain Raju in Nadodikkattu

“I’m Pavanayi, a real professional killer”, who can ever forget these dialogues and Pavanayi, the international hitman who changed his name from P. V. Narayanan to make it more appealing, from the movie Nadodikkattu. Later, Captain Raju himself has directed a movie titled as Mr. Pavanayi 99.99 based on this character. In addition to those mentioned above, cameos like Suresh Gopi in Innale, Captain Raju in CID Moosa, Soman in Chithram, Mohanlal in Aalkkoottathil Thaniye, etc. are memorable.

11. Suraj Venjaramoodu in Action Hero Biju

Suraj Venjaramoodu in Action Hero Biju

Actors worldwide say that making people laugh is tricky. Just as hard for a comedic actor is to get out of that role and show how serious he can be as an actor. In Action Hero Biju, it only takes Suraj Venjaramoodu 10 minutes to do this, which is a surprise, given how easy it is. In this movie, directed by Abrid Shine, he walks in as a man who wants to report his missing wife to the cops. When he finds out that she ran away with her lover and that his daughter, whom he loved very much, was not his. It’s the most powerful scene in the movie. It’s a very moving act.

12. Kalpana in Charlie

Kalpana in Charlie

Martin Prakkat’s film is about the life of Charlie, played by Dulquer Salmaan, who is a loud, colorful, and wanderer who helps people and solves problems. Kalpana’s “Queen Mary” is someone he meets on one of these missions and forces to go on a ship at midnight.

She is a sex worker, and HIV has been found in her. They even have a small fish-cutting party for her birthday, and then she jumps into the ocean. It’s one of Kalpana’s best characters and gives you a lump in your throat.

13. Oduvil Unnikrishnan in Devasuram

Devasuram is a movie about the highs and lows of Mangalassery Neelakandan’s life. It was directed by IV Sasi, written by Ranjith, and played by Mohanlal to perfection. Neelakandan has a bad name, but he has always been a fan of music and dance and greatly respects artists.

This appearance by Oduvil as percussionist Peringode Sankara Marar is memorable for two reasons:

  • a) their friendship is a sight for sore eyes (Lal and Oduvil have great chemistry),
  • b) Oduvil plays the instrument with the skill of a master.

Oduvil Unnikrishnan in Devasuram

The strength of their friendship can’t be shown any better than in the scene where Marar goes to see his hurt friend and gives him a piece of music as medicine.

14. Kuthiravattam Pappu in Vellanakalude Naadu

Sreenivasan works with Priyadarshan and Kuthiravattam Pappu, who is one of the best comedy actors, to make one of the most epic cameos in the history of Malayalam film. He shows up as a mechanic who says he did brave things at the “Thamarassery Churam” and thinks fixing a road roller is easy. “Ippo sheriyakki tharam,” I’ll fix it right now he tells everyone.

Kuthiravattam Pappu in Vellanakalude Naadu

But he keeps fiddling with the road roller, and “now” never comes. Johny Lever played the same part in the Hindi version of the movie Khatta Meeta, but it could have been better than the original.

15. Suresh Gopi in Innale

Shobana is trying to remember something in this 1999 movie written and directed by Padmarajan. Even though the story soon follows a love story between Jayaram and Shobana, Suresh Gopi makes the most touching part of the movie. He is her husband Narendran, and when he comes to her new house, he has pictures of their wedding with him to prove it.

Suresh Gopi in Innale

She walks in with a smile, doesn’t seem to notice anyone, and goes into the kitchen with her lover. The husband stares at her for a few minutes before getting up and leaving. And Suresh Gopi gets the show all by himself.

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