Famous Viral Dubsmash Videos of Malayalam Film Celebrities: Don’t Miss It!

Dubsmash fever grips everyone nowadays and Malayalam celebrities are not far behind in trying their luck in dubsmash. Here we list some of the fascinating Dubsmash Videos of Malayalam Film celebrities which went viral in social media.


1. Mohanlal

Mohanlal has developed a dubsmash for his famous dialogue from the film Vandanam with director Priyadarshann. This video went viral instantly.

Lalettan dubsmash video – Watch Here


2. Nyla Usha

Soon after the success of Premam, Nyla Usha appeared on social media with the hit dialogues of the film along with his son. Later the actress removed the videos from her facebook account.


3. Anju Kurian

Malayalam actress Anju Kurian also created dubsmash on dialogues in Premam films. In the video, she acted for Java Sir’s (Vinay Forrt), Girirajan’s Kozhi’s Dialogue.

Premam spcl dubsmash <3 #java #powerful# scene contra # rasalkaima


4. Suraj Venjaramoodu

Sooraj Venjaramoodu compiled dubsmash with his co-host Aswathy (Comedy Super Nite). They tried the famous ‘Kilukkam’ dialogue between Revathy and Jagathy Sreekumar. The video went viral on Facebook.


5. Mammukoya and Suraj Venjaramoodu

Suraj Venjaramoodu hosted this funny dubsmash video featuring Mammukoya and himself on his Facebook account. In the video, Suraj was imitating Mammukoya’s voice.


6. Prithviraj, Jayasurya, and Indrajith

The young brigade of Malayalam cinema, Prithviraj, Jayasurya and Indrajith, came up with a dubsmash based on the famous song ‘Ekaantha Chandrike’ from In harihar Nagar movie. They shot this dubsmash video on the 2015 film Amar Akbar Antony set.


7. Amala Paul

Amala Paul is also fond of this app and has already developed two dubsmash videos. The first was with her brother and the actor Abhijith, in which they synched their lip with Hollywood movie dialogues.

What happens in Corsica stays in Corsica !!! #Abijithpaul 


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8. Jude Anthany Joseph

Upcoming director Jude Anthany Joseph uploaded a dubsmash video recently on his Facebook profile, in which he was trying to emulate the famous ‘Brahma dattan Namboothiri’ dialogue from In Harihar Nagar.

Jude Anthany Joseph | Mammootty Birthday Special Dubsmash | Manorama Online

9. Pearle Maaney

Famous Anchor and budding actress Pearle Maaney also tried her luck in Dubsmash and came up with two exciting videos. One was a solo, in which she synched her lip for famous Manichitrathazhu dialogue. In the second one, she was seen with her friends and they were trying ‘Sundaraa’ dialogue from Dileep’s movie ‘ee Parakkum Thalika’

The Ganga in me.. just downloaded Dubsmash… its such a fun app.. lol. 😀


10. Neeraj Madhav

Neeraj tried the dubsmash with a Tamil dialogue from the movie ‘Velai Illa Pattathari’. It went viral in his fan network. Instead of just dubbing the voice, he acted the scene well in the video

Angane njanum cheythu dubsmash 😉 KappaTv #dhanushfan #VIP

Neeraj Madhav | Dubsmash | asianetnews.tv

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