How to Create a Good Writer’s Pseudonym?

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A pseudonym is nothing more than a word writers use to replace their real name. It can be created in a thousand different ways, from abbreviating the person’s real name to making combinations of other words that result in a word that in no way resembles the person’s real name.

More and more authors are using pseudonyms to keep the writer’s real identity hidden and create more intrigue for the reader. What’s more, even you may be considering it. We won’t keep you any longer and will show you how to create a writer’s pseudonym.

Is there a trick to creating a pen name? How should you choose your pen name in the literary field? Take note of the tips you can follow:

Think about the literary genre

It would help to consider the genre you will write your book about before choosing a pseudonym. Ask yourself, ” About what I want to write my papers or book?” With this example, I’m sure it will be clearer:

If your strong point is children’s stories, it wouldn’t make sense for your pen name to be something like S.L Shadow, that name conveys mystery, and that’s not what we’re interested in to reach the children’s audience. You should use something more cheerful, for example, Blue Moon.

Less is more, simplify

Another point to consider when it comes to knowing how to create an artistic name is the length of the pseudonym. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, something short is usually more effective. It will be difficult for readers to remember it quickly if it is too long.

Here is another example:

One of the best-known authors of juvenile novels in our country, Blue Jeans, has become known not only for the excellent literary quality of his works but also for having a short and appealing pseudonym for the reader.

Look for meaningful names

Another idea to create your pseudonym can be to look for words that already have their own meaning. Look for a term that has a meaning related to what you would like your artistic name to convey.

Here are some examples of pseudonyms with words that already have meaning:

Gaman: Means “to perform to the best of one’s ability in times of adversity.”

Kalon: Means “beauty deeper than skin deep”.

Aurora: Means “beginning or early days of something”.

Eileen: Means “light, rebirth, and radiance”.

Use name generators

If you don’t have inspiration, you can use online tools that automatically generate pseudonyms. This is one of the most useful:


It generates automatic names without the need to enter your name. It also allows you to choose the gender of the person and, if you wish, add a name.


Artificial intelligence has arrived, and text generators are a tool you surely know. You can use it to give you some instructions (words you would like to appear, extension, and your gender) so that it can create several pseudonym proposals.

Search for it among the combination of names

You can use it as inspiration for your pseudonyms, names of famous people, or even names of people in your family. The idea is that the pseudonym becomes a word that represents you as an author or holds a special meaning for you.

For example:

You could use the last name of one of your grandparents or great-grandparents who have played an essential role in your life.

Use your hobbies as inspiration

If you don’t know what to add to your pseudonym or how to start creating it, think about your hobbies and find a way to combine them with your name.


These have been some of our tips to help you create your pseudonym. Now it’s your turn to put your creativity to work and create your dream pseudonym.


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