Is Musician Usher Gay? Exploring The Rumors Of His Sexuality?

Usher is a well-known name in the entertainment business. A lot of people all over the world love the American R&B singer. As soon as Usher signed a deal with LaFace Records, he became famous. This recording deal came about because he did well on Star Search.

The R&B singer went on to release his first album in the year 1994. Over the years, Usher has stayed important in the entertainment world, coming and going from the spotlight. He has also put out more records that sold millions of copies in their first week. His songs have made him famous and put him at the top of the charts. He has also won many awards, including the People’s Choice and Grammy Awards.

But being famous always comes with a cost. People make assumptions about famous people that might or might not be true. Usher has had his fair share of stories. People have thought that Usher might be gay. What could have led to such rumors? In this article we tell you everything about  Usher Sexuality.


Who Is Usher?

Usher was born on October 14, 1978, in Dallas, Texas. His parents, Usher Raymond III and Jonetta Paton had a kid together. His father was a pastor at the Chapel of Taylor Fune, Tennessee. Usher grew up with little or no relationship with his father, Usher Raymond III, an absentee parent who left when the music star was one.

Before he became famous, the singing star lived with his mother, who later became his manager. As a child, Usher sang in the choir at his church.Before getting the deal with LaFace Records, Usher participated in several talent shows. He put out his first record when he was 15 years old in 1994.

The record that came out in 1994 was a minor hit with buyers. On September 16, 1997, to be exact, the pop star put out his second record, “My Way.” The public became aware of him through this second record. Usher has since put out more documents that have been played on radio stations worldwide and made him a famous musician.

In addition to being a musician, Usher has tried his hand at playing and has been in several movies and TV shows. Usher has won many awards, including several Grammys. He is known for his smooth vocals, impressive dancing moves, and influence on modern R&B music.

Who Is Usher

Is Usher Gay?

According to source, Usher is not gay. Usher has been married twice. However, there have been rumours that he may be into men. A lawsuit against Usher by two women and a guy in 2017 made the rumours about his sexuality even stronger. The claimants said that the Usher risked their lives by giving them herpes through unprotected sex. Jane Doe, Joe Doe, and Quantasia Sharpton were the three people who made claims for specific damages. All sides to the case were finally able to settle it peacefully in 2019.

Usher Married Twice!

There is no proof that the big star is gay. Some people think Usher may be gay or bisexual, but other than the case that made people wonder about his sexuality, there is no proof. The musician has been married twice and divorced from both wife. Tameka Foster, his wife at the time, married him in 2007. Naviyd Ely Raymond and Usher Raymond V were their two children. For two years, they were married, but in 2009, they split up.

A few weeks after Usher filed for divorce from his wife of almost two years in the middle of 2009, Nyeisha Dewitt’s best friend, Tameka Foster, denied rumours that she was a cash digger. About the reports that the singer was gay, she said:

“No way — I believe unequivocally that he is a straight man. That’s never been an issue.”

Teaira said that Tameka was “caught off guard” when Usher asked for a divorce on June 12, just a few months after giving birth to their second boy, Naviyd Ely Raymond. In November 2007, they had a child named Usher “Cinco” Raymond V. They married in August 2007.

Is The Rumour True Or False?

With his girlfriend, Grace Miguel, Usher gave marriage another try in 2015 and married. After three years of marriage, the couple went their separate ways in 2018. They said they were divorcing because they couldn’t agree on how to start a family effectively. However, Usher chose adoption, while Grace was said to want IVF because she was having trouble getting pregnant.

Is The Rumour True Or False?

Usher Is Currently Dating Jennifer Goicoechea!

Usher is currently Jennifer Goicoechea is a senior director at Epic Records. Rumours about their dating started when they were spotted at the Hollywood Bowl concert in October 2019. In June 2019, they were seen kissing at a party for producers. There couple now have 2 kids. Sovereign Bo Raymond the first child, was born in September 2020. A year later, they told everyone that they would have another child, a son named Sire Castrillo Raymond.

Usher Is Currently Dating Jennifer Goicoechea

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