Lokesh’s Certified Hit Kaithi 2: Coming Very Soon!

Kaithi 2

Kaithi, a Tamil movie directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj, is set to release its second part soon. Fans of the film are eagerly awaiting the sequel, which promises to bring even more action and thrills. The first part was highly successful, and it has been praised for its unique narrative style and interesting storyline.

When will Kaithi 2 be made available?

There is no set premiere date for the film Kaithi directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj. The movie will be available to viewers the following month. Kaithi 2’s premiere date will be revealed by the producers soon. The release date is projected to be around 2023, so fans must be patient. According to recent sources, production on the film has begun. Kaithi 2 also features a narrative written by Lokesh Kanagaraj. The primary language of the film will be Tamil.

Kaithi 2

Karthi promoted his latest film, Viruman, with a recent trip to Kerala. He made these remarks in a meeting with the press: “A sequel to Kaithi is in the works for 2023. The production of Kaithi 2 will begin as soon as Lokesh Kanagaraj completes his work on the film directed by Vijay sir. Suriya’s Rolex might run into Dilli in Kaithi 2, but I can’t say. Here’s what Lokesh thinks. I don’t know the answer to that question at this time.”

About Kaithi

Karthi plays Dilli, an ex-con whose story is followed in Kaithi. After serving his sentence, he is eager to see his daughter again. Then Inspector Bejoy (Narain) enlists Dilli’s aid in busting a drug ring. There are ties to the new Lokesh Kanagaraj film Vikram, which has just been released. The name of Dilli’s character is mentioned in Vikram. Although his voice is heard throughout the film, he makes no visual appearances. Rolex watches over Dilli at the end of Vikram. Now the issue is, will Rolex and Dilli finally meet in Kaithi 2? The future has the answer.

Kaithi 2

Star Cast in Kaithi 2

We now know who will play the lead roles in Kaithi 2. Here is the complete list of actors in Kaithi 2. The remaining cast members have not yet been announced.

  • Harish Uthaman
  • Karthi as Dilli
  • Arjun Das
  • Baby Monika Siva
  • Dheena
  • Monicka Siva
  • KPY Dheena

Kaithi 2


The release of Lokesh Movie Kaithi 2 is eagerly awaited by millions of fans worldwide. The sequel to the blockbuster hit is sure to be an exciting and thrilling ride for viewers, with a gripping storyline and breathtaking action sequences. Fans can expect a unique mix of traditional storytelling and modern-day filmmaking that will take their viewing experience to a whole new level. With Kaithi 2, director Lokesh Movie promises to set a new benchmark for Indian films.

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