The Split Face Diving Accident: Unveiling the Terrifying Split Face Diving Incident!

A terrifying incident known as the “split face diving accident” has recently resurfaced online, captivating the attention of netizens on various social media platforms. Originally uploaded to Reddit by user u/zombiedub many years ago, the story and accompanying gruesome video have regained viral status. Despite the time, this shocking incident continues to evoke strong reactions from viewers.

The Split Face Diving Incident

According to Sportskeeda, the split-face diving accident occurred in June 2009 and involved a 16-year-old resident of Beirut. The incident happened near the Manara Promenade, opposite the American University. In the video resurfaced online, the victim’s brother can be seen successfully diving into the sea from over 40 feet. However, tragedy struck when the teenager attempted his dive, hitting the concrete surface before plunging into the ocean below.

split face


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The Split Face Diving Accident Horrific Video

The resurfaced video displays the catastrophic aftermath of the diving accident. As the boy struck the concrete, a bystander at the scene could be heard screaming in Arabic, urgently calling for help from the Civil Defense. The video then transitions to footage captured in an American University Hospital emergency room. According to the Reddit post, doctors attempted to hold the boy’s face together to ensure

an open airway. Despite their efforts, the teenager succumbed to his injuries after two days of intensive care.

Split face diving accident | CENSORED

Controversy and Doubt

As the video regained traction, doubts about its authenticity emerged among viewers. Some questioned its validity, suggesting that the footage might be fake. Hospital records purportedly indicated that the teenager had attempted a “failed 9mm suicide,” raising skepticism about the video’s connection to the diving accident. Additionally, the inclusion of trilingual warnings at the beginning of the video, along with eerie instrumental music and shaky cellphone footage, added to the unsettling nature of the content.

The Impact and Speculation on Split Face Diving Accident

The chilling video’s resurgence on social media has left a lasting impression on those who have encountered it. Many likened the experience to watching a horror movie, feeling traumatized by the graphic imagery. Despite debates about the video’s authenticity and the cause of the teenager’s death, the underlying truth remains: he suffered a severe blow to his head during the diving accident.


The reappearance of the split-face diving accident video on social media has reignited interest and sparked discussions among netizens. Its shocking nature, coupled with the uncertainty surrounding its authenticity, continues to captivate and disturb viewers. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the video, this chilling incident is a stark reminder of the dangers associated with diving accidents and the potential consequences that can result from them.

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  1. Split face diving accident face while diving can result from various causes, including incorrect diving techniques, improper body positioning, insufficient or incorrect training, inadequate supervision, equipment malfunctions, or accidents related to the diving environment itself, such as colliding with the diving board, platform, or other objects in the water.


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