Top 15 Most Viewed Malayalam Movie Songs Of All Time on YouTube!!

Malayalam movie songs are often revered for their melodious tunes and romantic lyrics. This article features the top 15 most viewed Malayalam Movie Songs on YouTube! The list considers the most famous music videos released over the past decade, representing the best South Indian cinema. From classic hits to modern anthems, this compilation showcases the musicality and diversity of Malayalam cinema.

Top 15 Most Viewed Malayalam Movie Songs

Sl.No Song Name Movie Singer Views
1 Entammede Jimikki Kammal  Velipadinte Pusthakam Vineeth Sreenivasan 110,781,181
2 Manikya Malaraya Poovi  Oru Adaar Love Vineeth Sreenivasan 107,351,646
3 OLLULLERU  Ajagajantharam Praseetha Chalakudy & Justin Varghese 92,651,674
4 Malare Premium Vijay Yesudas 90,663,238
5 Jeevamshamayi  Theevandi Harisankar G S & Shreya Ghoshal 88,374,175
6 Pala Palli Thiruppalli  Kaduva Athul Narukara 86,060,821
7 Tapp Tapp  Pullikkaran Staraa M Jayachandran 67,312,936
8 Minungum Minnaminuge  Oppam M G Sreekumar 63,089,422
9 Moha Mundiri Maharaja Sithara 59,524,882
10 Manavaalan  Thallumala Dabzee & Sa 55,877,972
11 Arikil Pathiye  Oru Murai Vanth Paathaya Najeem Arshad & Sangeetha 54,639,236
12 I Love You Mummy song  Bhaskar The Rascal Shweta Mohan 52,185,728
13 Poomuthole  Joseph Vijay Yesudas 41,390,361
14 Arumkanathathinaa Oru Adaar Love Vineeth Sreenivasan 40,527,059
15 Lailaakame Esra Rahul Raj 38,334,887
  • Entammede Jimikki Kammal

Entammede Jimikki Kammal video song from Velipadinte Pusthakam sung by Vineeth Sreenivasan and Renjith Unni. Anil Panachooran wrote the lyrics, while Shaan Rahman composed the Music. Lal Jose is the director of the film.

Entammede Jimikki Kammal | Official Video Song HD | Velipadinte Pusthakam | Mohanlal | Lal Jose

  • Manikya Malaraya Poovi

The Oru Adaar Love video song Manikya Malaraya Poovi is composed by Shaan Rahman. Omar Lulu is the director of the film.

Oru Adaar Love | Manikya Malaraya Poovi Song Video| Omar Lulu, Vineeth Sreenivasan, Shaan Rahman |HD

  • Olluleree

Praseetha Chalakudy and the famous singer Justin Varghese perform Ollulleru Song Ollulleru Song from the album Ajagajantharam. Mavila Community composed the lyrics for Ollulleru Song on the album Ajagajantharam.

OLLULLERU Justin Varghese ft Praseetha Chalakudy | Ajagajantharam | Antony Varghese | Tinu Pappachan

  • Premam Malare Song

Vijay Yesudas sings the song, while Shabareesh Varma composed the lyrics and Rajesh Murugesan the Music. Nivin Pauly and Sai Pallavi star.

Premam Malare Video Song | Rajesh Murugesan | Vijay Yesudas | Nivin Pauly | Sai Pallavi

  • Jeevamshamayi

Jeevamshamayi Music was composed by Kailas Menon; it was performed by Shreya Ghoshal and Harisankar KS.

Theevandi | Jeevamshamayi | Video Song | August Cinema | Kailas Menon | Shreya Ghoshal | Harisankar

  • Pala Palli

The Malayalam album Pala Palli (From “Kaduva”) was released in 2022. One song is included in Pala Palli (From “Kaduva”). The talented musician’s Jakes Bejoy and Athul Narukara composed the song.

Pala Palli Thiruppalli Promo Song | Kaduva | Jakes Bejoy | Shaji Kailas | Prithviraj Sukumaran

  • Tapp Tapp

The Tapp Tapp Tapp Tapp video song from the film Pullikkaran Staraa is accessible online on the Muzik247 YouTube channel, with over 49 million views.

Pullikkaran Staraa Malayalam Movie | Tapp Tapp Song Video | Mammootty | M Jayachandran | Official

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  • Minungum Minnaminuge

Minugum Minnaminuge from the film Oppam starring Mohanlal is sung by M G S Reekumar. Priyadarsan directs the movie.

Minungum Minnaminuge Official Song HD | Film Oppam | Mohanlal | Priyadarshan

  • Moha Mundiri

Moha Mundiri video song from Mammootty starrer Moha Mundiri is a unique song in which Sunny Leone plays the lead. The Music is by Madhuraraja.

Moha Mundiri - Full Video | Madhuraraja | Mammootty | Sunny Leone | Gopi Sundar

  • Manavaalan Thug

Manavaalan Thug – From “Thallumaala” is a Malayalam song sung by Dabzee and Sa. 2022 saw the release of Manavaalan Thug The song’s duration is 3:20.

Manavaalan Thug - Thallumaala Promo Song | Tovino Thomas | Khalid Rahman| Ashiq Usman |Suhail Backer

  • Arikil Pathiye

Arikil is a Malayalam song sung by Najeem Arshad and Sangeetha Sreekanth. In 2019, Arikil from the album Oru Murai Vanthu Paarthaya was released. 

Arikil Pathiye Official Video Song HD | Oru Murai Vanthu Paarthaya | Unni Mukundan

  • I Love You, Mummy

 I Love you, Mummy, online. I Love You Mummy is a Malayalam song sung by Deepak Dev. I Love You, Mummy, from the album Bhaskar The Rascal, was released in 2015.

  • Poomuthole

Poomuthole is a Malayalam song sung by Vijay Yesudas and released in 2018.

Poomuthole Video Song | Joseph Malayalam Movie |  Ranjin Raj | Joju George | M Padmakumar

  • Aarum Kaanaathinnen

The song ‘Aarum Kaanaathinnen’ is from the Malayalam film ‘Oru Adaar Love’ starring Priya Varrier, Roshan Abdul Rahoof, and Noorin Shereef. ‘Aarum Kaanaathinnen’ is sung by Vineeth Sreenivasan and composed by Shaan Rahman. Harinarayanan BK penned the lyrics to ‘Oru Adaar Love’ by ‘Aarum Kaanaathinnen.’

Oru Adaar Love | Aarum Kaanaathinnen Song Video | Vineeth Sreenivasan | Shaan Rahman | Omar Lulu |HD

  • Lailakame¬†

Lailakame is a Malayalam language song and is sung by Haricharan. In 2017, Lailakame from the album Best Of Haricharan was released. 

Lailakame | Ezra Video Song ft Prithviraj Sukumaran, Priya Anand | Rahul Raj | Official

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