Ayothi OTT Release Date: When and Where Can We Watch The Tamil Movie Digitally?

The highly anticipated Tamil movie, Ayodhya, is finally set to be released on an over-the-top (OTT) platform. As fans eagerly await the release, many are curious to know the exact date of the film’s OTT launch. In this article, we will provide all the information you need about the Ayodhya OTT release date.

About Ayothi Tamil Movie


Ayothi is a forthcoming Indian Tamil-language action-drama film released on March 3, 2023. R Manthira Moorthy directs the film, which R Ravindran produces under the Trident Arts banner. Sasikumar and Yashpal Sharma portray the leading roles in the movie. Madhesh Manickam is responsible for the film’s cinematography, while N R Raghunathanan composes the score. The film promises to deliver an enthralling plot with the ideal combination of action and drama. Fans of Tamil cinema eagerly anticipate its arrival.

Ayothi OTT Release Date: Where and When to Stream It Digitally?


Zee5 has announced that it will stream the highly anticipated South Indian film Ayothi beginning on March 31, 2023. The film has generated significant buzz within the industry and among fans alike. With this digital release, viewers across India and beyond can access the movie from their devices. It will stream on the platform in Tamil audio format. From official channels, a confirmation regarding its OTT streaming date is awaited. Users can watch it with a Zee5 Premium subscription.

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Ayothi Tamil Movie Storyline

The film is supposedly based on actual events. The movie teaches everyone the importance of remaining grounded. In addition, to overcome artificial barriers such as caste, race, creed, and belief.

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Ayothi Tamil Movie Cast and Crew

ayothi cast n crew

Sasikumar, Preethi, Asrani, Yashpal Sharma, Anju Asrani, Master Advaith, Pugazh, Pondy Ravi, Bose Venkat, and Kalloori Vinoth star in it. R. Manthira Moorthy penned the script and directed the film. Ayothi’s producing banner is Trident Arts, and R. Ravindran is the producer. The soundtrack of the film was composed by N. R. Ragunanthan. San Lokesh is the editor, while Madhesh Manickam is the director of photography.

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Ayothi Tamil Movie Trailer

Ayothi - Official Trailer | Sasi Kumar | Yashpal Sharma | R Manthira Moorthy | NR Ragunanthan

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