Top 5 Iconic Casino Movie Locations

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Glitz and glam is typically associated with Las Vegas and, of course, throwing some dice or picking up a card to win a hand of poker. The bright lights of this big city are plentiful – which means there are more than just a few great locations that you should visit when it comes to casino movies.

For those who play at one of the popular online casino brands and fancy visiting some of the iconic casino movie locations, Las Vegas is a great place to start, although there are a couple of other ones worth a mention too!

So where are the most iconic casino movie locations that you can visit?

Bellagio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

Brad Pitt and George Clooney made the Bellagio their home for a while, with a dastardly plan to rob millions of dollars. Using all the tricks from their trusty group of criminals, they – of course – walk away with the money and the girl!

The original was great, but the modern update took the theaters by storm and is still watched today. Oceans 11, the remake, had the ability to please gamblers and those who had been inside the Bellagio and people who just love a great heist movie.

The movie itself was filmed in several locations, including New Jersey, Chicago, and New York – although all the most memorable scenes are in Las Vegas and the Bellagio.

Simply stepping inside the Bellagio Hotel and Casino will take you back to the movie in no time at all. And since the movie is so focused on the little details, you might find you’ll be looking out for them too!

And for the eagle-eyed viewers, you’ll know that Mr. Chow flies by the Bellagio fountain too!

Planet Hollywood Casino, Las Vegas

There are a lot of films that have been shot in part in the Planet Hollywood Casino:

  • What Happens in Vegas
  • Somewhere
  • 21
  • Race To Witch Mountain
  • Get Him to The Greek
  • Knocked Up
  • The Hangover & The Hangover Part 3

Since Planet Hollywood Casino is owned by Caesars Palace, many movies will feature both casinos. The movie 21 has almost all its slots and table games shot here.

The Mirage, Las Vegas

Another Las Vegas casino that has an interesting history offscreen too. When it comes to movies filmed here, there are a few, including Ocean’s Eleven. One of the wildest movies to hit the big screen was The Wolf of Wall Street – and some of Jordan Belfort’s bachelor’s party took place in The Mirage.

The Theater part of The Mirage was used for the filming of Pure Country, and it also features in Grand Theft Auto. San Andreas, which is one for gamers.

Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco

Arguably one of the most glam shoots for a movie is the Monte Carlo Casino; it oozes glamour and, of course, old money. It has been featured in GoldenEye, Casino Royale, and Never Say Never Again – two huge James Bond blockbuster movies.

In GoldenEye, James, played by Pierce Brosnan in this installment, meets with Xenia Onatopp outside the casino; the backdrop is stunning – of course, and he proceeds to beat her at Baccarat! Baccarat is said to be Bond’s game of choice, although he has been seen playing other games. Never Say Never Again is the first time that James makes a visit to the casino called The Casino Royale Monte Carlo.

The most recent feature of the Monte Carlo Casino, we see Daniel Craig take on the bad guys in a tense card game. What is interesting is that consumer data showed that there was a 910% spike in searches and interest for the Casino de Monte Carlo before the movie was even released!

The Tropicana, Las Vegas

Not only is the Tropicana one of the oldest casinos in Las Vegas, but it played host to a movie and music megastar! The true history of The Tropicana goes all the way back to when the mob used to have control of the strip.

Viva Las Vegas, the Elvis Presley smash-hit movie, was shot in The Tropicana in 1964. However, and perhaps with no surprise, the casino has also been featured in a James Bond movie too. Diamonds are Forever having several scenes that feature the casino.

For those who like their movies with maximum grit, then heading to The Tropicana will put you in the place where some of The Godfather Part 2 was shot!

Some of the biggest movie franchises have been shot in part or feature these incredible casinos. There are also a host of TV shows that have these casinos too! Stepping foot in any of these casinos will put you in the footsteps of some of the biggest actors of all time – and some of the best movie scenes ever shot!



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