Who Is The Founder Of BTS Army? Unraveling The Founder Of The Global Sensation!

In the realm of K-pop, there exists a fandom that surpasses all others – the bts army. The impact of bts on a global scale has been truly extraordinary, captivating millions of fans around the world with their mesmerizing performances and heartfelt music. At the heart of this worldwide phenomenon lies a devoted community known as the bts army.

Have you ever wondered about the visionary behind the formation of this passionate fandom? Who is the mastermind that successfully brought together fans from all corners of the globe? Join us on a quest to uncover the founder of the bts army and shed light on the genius behind this remarkable movement.

In our exploration, we will delve into the origins and uncover the driving force that has united fans worldwide in an unstoppable wave. Get ready to uncover the secrets and unravel the enigma behind the inception of the bts army!

Who Is The Founder Of BTS Army?

Bts army is the name of the group of people who like the south korean boy band bts. There is no single founder of the bts army. The group bts was started in 2010 by the ceo of big hit entertainment, bang si-hyuk. He wanted to make a hip-hop group with rm (kim nam-joon), an underground rapper well-known on the seoul music scene. “No more dream” was the group’s first song, released in 2013. The band comprises seven people: rm, jin, suga, j-hope, jimin, v, and jungkook. The best army is known for its dedicated fans and high level of organization. It has millions of followers all over the world.


Who Is The Founder Of BTS Army?

Who Is Bang Si-Hyuk The Founder Of BTS?

Bang si-hyuk, also known as “Hitman” bang, is a well-known figure in the music industry. He founded big hit entertainment, now hybe corporation, with the goal of producing great music and supporting talented artists. In 2013, he brought together the seven members of bts to form a boy band that achieved extraordinary success worldwide.

Although he is the founder of the bts army, bang si-hyuk played a crucial role in forming and developing bts. He actively participated in their music production and guided their artistic direction, emphasizing meaningful storytelling in their albums and performances. Under his guidance, bts has become a global sensation, breaking records, topping charts, and gaining a dedicated fanbase known as the bts army.

While the bts army formed naturally through fan support, bang si-hyuk’s vision and management significantly shaped the success of bts and their journey to stardom. His contributions have been instrumental in the group’s rise to becoming one of the biggest names in the music industry.

Who Is Bang Si-Hyuk The Founder Of BTS

How Did Bang Si-hyuk Discover Each BTS Member?

The founder and co-ceo of big hit entertainment, bang si-hyuk, found each member of bts differently. Here are some facts that came up in the search:

  • Rm: impressed by rm’s rapping skills, sleepy recommended him to bang shi hyuk, who invited him to audition for big hit entertainment. Rm became the first trainee to be selected as a permanent member of bts
  • Jim: Jin was discovered on the street by a casting agent who thought he had the looks to be a k-pop star. He tried out for big hit entertainment and became a trainee.
  • Suga: Bang si-hyuk signed suga after he tried out for a small k-pop entertainment company called big hit entertainment.
  • J-hope: Before he was founded by big hit entertainment, j pop was a street dancer and a member of a dance group called neuron.
  • Jimin: He was one of the best students at Busan High School of Arts, and when he went to a dance competition, big hit entertainment found him.
  • V: A casting agent found him while working part-time at a convenience shop.
  • Jungkook: He tried out for a show called “Superstar K,” a singing competition. Several entertainment groups, including “Big Hit Entertainment,” found him.

How Did Bang Si-hyuk Discover Each BTS Member

What Is The Origin Of The Name Army?

Army is the fandom name for the south korean boy band bts. The name was chosen on july 9, 2013, not long after the band’s first song, “2 cool 4 school,” came out. Bts almost named their fans something else, but they went with “Army.” according to usbtsarmy.Com, the army is the military, and bts is the armor, a metaphor for how the band and its fans will always be together.

Army is an acronym for “Adorable representative m.C. For youth,” and it also means “Army.” bts’s name in korean, bangtan sonyeondan, means “Bulletproof boy scouts” in english. Their fans are their army, and bts is their armor, showing that the band and their army will always be together.

Where And When Was BTS First Performance?

Bts’s first appearance was at a showcase in seoul, south korea, called “Rookie channel bangtan” in 2013. But their first concert tour was called “The red bullet tour,” it started in south korea on october 17, 2014, and went to important cities in asia, australia, north america, and south america. The “Show & prove” event in los angeles on july 14, 2014, was bts’s first show in the united states. No one knows for sure how each member felt about their first appearance.

What Was BTS Breakthrough Moment In The Global Music Market?

Bts’s breakthrough in the global music market in 2017, when they brought the korean wave to the u.S. And broke many sales records. In 2017, they were the first k-pop group to be nominated for and win the top social artist billboard music award.

Since then, they have continued breaking sales records and become one of the biggest music stars in history. With their grammy-nominated single “Dynamite,” bts became the first all-south korean group to hit number one on billboard global 200 and the u.S. Billboard hot 100. They were also the first group to have three number-one debuts on the hot 100. Their success can be traced to their unique style of music, powerful words, and many fans.

What Was BTS Breakthrough Moment In The Global Music Market?

What Was The First American Awards Show That BTS Attended?

In 2017, bts attended its first american awards show, the billboard music awards (bbmas). At the bbmas, bts beat justin bieber, selena gomez, ariana grande, and shawn mendes to win the top social artist award. The first time bts appeared at an american awards show was at the 2017 american music awards (amas). They sang their hit song “Dna” at that show.

BTS on AMA's Performing DNA

What Was BTS First Major Award?

Bts’s first major award was when they were recognized as best new artist at south korea’s melon music awards on november 13, 2013. This was the beginning of many other similar awards that they would go on to win throughout the 2013 to 14 awards season. Winning this award was one of the two major goals that bts had set for themselves, the other being to win a first-place trophy on a music show, which they accomplished on may 5, 2015, when they won their first number-one win on sbs’s the show.

BTS Is The Best Selling Artist In South Korean History?

Yes, BTS is the South Korean act that has sold the most records. Based on the Gaon chart, BTS has sold 30 million albums, making them the best-selling singer in South Korea of all time. Also, the Gaon Music Chart says that BTS has sold more than 30 million albums. This makes them the best-selling singer in South Korean history.

How Many Awards Has BTS Won?

BTS has won numerous awards throughout their career. While the exact number of awards they have won is difficult to determine, here are some of the notable awards that BTS has won:

  • American Music Awards – 11 awards
  • Billboard Music Awards – 12 awards
  • Circle Chart Music Awards (formerly Gaon Chart Music Awards) – 5 awards in 2022
  • Melon Music Awards – 4 awards in 2022
  • Global Recording Artist of the Year Award – 2 awards in 2020 and 2021
  • MTV Europe Music Awards – 4 awards
  • MTV Video Music Awards – 5 awards
  • People’s Choice Awards – 4 awards
  • Teen Choice Awards – 7 awards

What Is The Significance Of BTS Success For The Korean Economy?

BTS’ success has had a significant impact on the Korean economy. Here are some of the ways:

  • According to the hyundai research institute in 2019, the overall bts effect in the economy was 5.56 trillion won per year in south korea (us$ 4.9 billion)
  • The institute predicted that bts would create a total of 56 trillion won over 10 years from 2014 to 2023
  • Bts has created a total of 7,928 more jobs in south korea
  • Bts has contributed to the recovery of seoul’s tourism industry
  • Bts has an annual influence on consumer goods such as clothing, cosmetics, and food
  • Bts has contributed more than $3.6 billion to the south korean economy every year
  • Between 2014 and 2023, analysts projected bts would have contributed $29.1 trillion to the south korean economy
  • Bts’s hiatus announcement back in june 2022 saw shares of its management company hybe drop by 20%
  • Bts’s success has helped to promote south korean culture and industry around the world

BTS Fans Love A Hashtag

Well, don’t we all? But this army is ready for social media. Last year, there were close to 370 million tweets with hashtags about bts. This is a 7.5% rise from 2021. In most posts, hashtags are used, with #bts and #bts_butter being the most popular. To give you some background on the second one. Last year, “Butter” by bts was at the top of the billboard top 100 list for ten weeks.

This beat aerosmith’s “I don’t want to miss a thing,” which had been at the top for 23 years. “Butter” has more than nine million comments on youtube, which puts it at number four on the list of the ten videos with the most comments in the world in 2022.

BTS fans love a hashtag

Is BTS Members Join Military Service?

Yes, in south korea, there is mandatory military service. On june 14, 2022, the group said that they would stop doing things together so that the members could finish their required military service in south korea. A meeting was planned for 2025. On december 13, 2022, jin, the oldest member, was the first to join.

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