Top 10 Highest-Grossing Non-English Movies List Of All Time With Their Box Office Collection

Have You Ever Wondered Which Non English Movies Have Achieved Blockbuster Success Despite Being Made Primarily For Local Audiences? While Hollywood Movies Often Dominate The Global Box Office, There Are Some Exceptional Films That Have Managed To Captivate Audiences Around The World And Earn Box Office Collections Comparable To Those Of Major Hollywood Productions.

In This Article, We’ll Be Taking A Closer Look At The Top 10 Highest-grossing Non-English Movies Of All Time. These Films Have Transcended Language Barriers And Cultural Differences To Become True International Sensations, Proving That A Great Story Can Capture The Hearts Of Audiences Everywhere. Let’s Dive In And Discover The Incredible Success Stories Behind These Cinematic Masterpieces!

Top 10 Highest-Grossing Non-English Movies



Release Year


Gross Collection

1  The Battle at Lake Changjin 2021 Chinese $913 million
2  Wolf Warrior 2r 2017 Chinese $870 million
3 Hi Mom 2021 Chinese $841 million
4 Ne Zha 2019 Chinese $743 million
5 The Wandering Earth 2019 Chinese $700 million
6 Detective Chinatown 3 2021 Chinese $692 million
7 Full River Red 2023 Chinses $673 million
8  The Battle at Lake Changjin II 2022 Chinese $626 million
9 The Wandering Earth 2 2023 Chinese $603 million
10 The Mermaid 2016 Chinese and Hongkong $553 million

Synopsis Of Top 10 Highest-Grossing Non English Movies

1. The Battle At Lake Changjin – Chinese

The Battle at Lake Changjin is a 2021 Chinese war movie co-directed and co-produced by Chen Kaige, Tsui Hark, and Dante Lam, written by Lan Xiaolong and Huang Jian, and starring Wu Jing and Jackson Yee. It was commissioned by the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Propaganda Department as part of the Party’s 100th-anniversary celebrations. In a fictionalized retelling of the Battle of Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War, the film depicts the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army forcing the United States to withdraw.

Name Streaming IMDB Rating User Reviews
The Battle of Lake Changjin Amazon 5.4/10 Check Here

The Battle at Lake Changjin Official Trailer 3

2. Wolf Warrior 2 (Chinese)

The film follows former Chinese special forces soldier Leng Feng, played by Wu Jing, after the events of Wolf Warrior. The film received universal praise for its patriotic plot, special effects, action sequences, and acting. It was also the most expensive Chinese project then, generating multiple times its production budget in profit. 

Name Running Time IMDB Rating User Reviews
Wolf Warrior 2 Apple tv 5.9/10 Check Here

WOLF WARRIOR 2 Trailer (2017) Action Movie

3. Hi, Mom – Chinese

Hello, Mother is a 2021 Chinese comedy film written and directed by Jia Ling, with Jia Ling, Shen Teng, Chen He, and Zhang Xiaofei in the cast. It was released on Chinese New Year, February 12, 2021. The film’s themes include familial affection, maternal affection, and filial devotion.

Name Streaming IMDB Rating User Reviews
Hi Mom Amazon prime 7/10 Check Here

HI, MOM | 你好,李焕英 (Official Trailer) - In Cinemas 1 April 2021

4. Ne Zha (Chinese)

Ne Zha is a 2019 Chinese 3D computer-animated fantasy adventure film directed and written by Yu Yang under the name Jiaozi. It is animated by the director’s company, Chengdu Coco Cartoon.] The plot features the popular Chinese mythological character Nezha and is loosely based on Xu Zhonglin’s classic 16th-century novel Investiture of the Gods.

Name Streaming IMDB Rating User Reviews
Ne Zha Amazon Prime 7.4/10 Check Here

NE ZHA Official Trailer (2019) Animation Manga

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5. The Wandering Earth (Chinese)

Another Chinese film from 2019 ranks among the highest-grossing films. It is a science fiction film loosely based on Liu Cixin’s award-winning novella from 2000. It has grossed over $699.8 million, making it the third highest-grossing film.

Name Streaming IMDB Rating User Reviews
The Wandering Earth  Netflix 5.9/10 Check Here

The Wandering Earth | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

6. Detective Chinatown 3 (Chinese)

It is a Chinese comedy-mystery film from 2018. This film has earned more than $544 million worldwide, making it the sixth highest-grossing non-English film ever. Additionally, it is the fourth highest-grossing film ever in China. First, it is a sequel to 2015’s Detective Chinatown. The sequel, Detective Chinatown 3, is scheduled for release in January 2020.

Name Streaming IMDB Rating User Reviews
Detective Chinatown 2 Amazon Prime 6.1/10 Check Here

Detective Chinatown 2 Trailer #1 | Movieclips Indie

7. Full River Red – Chinese

Full River Red (Chinese: 满江红) Is A 2023 Historical Comedy Thriller Film Directed By Zhang Yimou, And Stars Shen Teng And Jackson Yee, Alongside Zhang Yi, Lei Jiayin, Wang Jiayi And Yue Yunpeng. It Was Released In Theaters In China On January 22, 2023, The Same Day As The Chinese New Year’s Day. It Is Also The Second-Highest Grossing Film Of 2023, Behind The Super Mario Bros Movie.

FULL RIVER RED Trailer (2023) Zhang Yimou Mystery Movie

8.  The Battle At Lake Changjin II – Chinese

The Battle at Lake Changjin II, called Water Gate Bridge, is a 2022 Chinese war film co-directed and co-produced by Chen Kaige, Tsui Hark, and Dante Lam. Lan Xiaolong, Huang Jianxin, and stars Wu Jing and Jackson Yee wrote it. It was ordered by the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda department for the party’s 100th anniversary. The film comes after The Battle at Lake Changjin, which emerged in 2021. It is a made-up story about the fighting at Funchilin Pass during the Battle of Chosin Reservoir between North Korean and American forces during the Korean War.

The movie came out on Chinese New Year, February 1, 2022, and made $626 million in China. This made it the ninth highest-grossing movie of 2022.

THE BATTLE AT LAKE CHANGJIN 2 International Trailer | Dante Lam War Drama

9. The Wandering Earth 2 Chinese And Hongkong

The Wandering Earth 2 is a 2023 Chinese science fiction action-adventure movie directed by Frant Gwo and co-written by him. Andy Lau, Wu Jing, and Li Xuejian star in the movie. The film is a prequel to the 2019 movie The Wandering Earth, based on the same-named short story by the film’s producer, Liu Cixin.

After the massive success of its predecessor at the box office, Guo announced a sequel on November 20, 2019. It got the green light on July 21, 2021, and production began on October 13, 2021. The Wandering Earth 2 came out on January 22, 2023, the first day of the Chinese New Year. The movie has made $604 million, making it the third-best-selling movie of 2023.

‘The Wandering Earth 2’ official trailer

10. The Mermaid (Chinese)

Hollywood began to recognize Chinese moviegoers’ true power and potential in 2016, and some industry analysts predict that China will soon surpass North America regarding box office collections.

The Mermaid is the only film in the world to gross over $500 million without a wide release in North America, which speaks volumes about China. Unquestionably, it broke multiple box office records previously held by Hollywood films in mainland China.

Name Streaming IMDB Rating User Reviews
The Mermaid Amazon Prime 6.2/10 Check Here

The Little Mermaid | Official Trailer

In conclusion ,non-English films have made great strides at the box office over the last decade. While Hollywood still dominates, international films have seen increased market share and are becoming more profitable. Viewers worldwide now have access to a wider variety of films to enjoy than ever before. These highest-grossing non-English movies prove that different cultures can come together and appreciate each other’s stories, no matter their language.

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