Alistair Overeem, ex-UFC fighter, is totally unrecognizable after losing weight

Alistair Overeem’s new body has MMA fans startled and scared while he is in Japan for Rizin 43. Overeem, a star of mixed martial arts and kickboxing at age 43, appears to have lost much weight in a series of images provided by Nobuyuki Sakakibara. Overeem’s physique changed significantly from his heavyweight days in Glory and the UFC to his light heavyweight days in PRIDE in 2003.

Who is Alistair Overeem?

Alistair Overeem is a Dutch professional heavyweight mixed martial artist and kickboxer. He has previously held the Strikeforce and Dream Interim Heavyweight Championship.

Overeem is currently ranked fifth in the UFC heavyweight ranking. He has fought in the UFC and has had memorable fights in his career, including his win over Brock Lesnar.

Overeem is known for his exceptional skills and has been involved in many exciting battles. He is also a member of the Elevation Fight Team. Overeem is 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 255 lbs.

Alistair Overeem

He was born on May 17, 1980, in Hounslow, Greater London, England, and is of Dutch and British descent and mixed ethnicity (Jamaica and Dutch).

What would have motivated Alistair Overeem to lose weight?

Alistair Overeem’s motivation for losing weight has not been explicitly stated, but he is believed to have changed his diet and training regimen. However, his recent weight loss has raised concerns among MMA fans.

Overeem’s muscular look was famous, but his recent transformation has led to speculation that he was using steroids, as per reprots of Sportskeeda. Despite his motivation, Overeem’s weight loss journey has been impressive and garnered attention from fans and media alike.

Eight months ago, Alistair Overeem weighed 249 lbs.

Compared to Alistair Overeem’s appearance a few months ago, the weight loss is even more startling. In his rematch with Bard Hari in October 2022 for Glory, the UFC veteran looked like peak “Ubereem” again, weighing in at a whopping 112.8 kg (248.7 lbs). A little over a year ago, here is how Overeem appeared: After quitting the UFC, Alistair Overeem has become unrecognizable.

Below is a picture of Overeem fighting for Dana White in the UFC.

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Alistair Overeem

He no longer appears the same at all.

His former UFC weight on ESPN was 255 pounds. His current weight would be somewhere around the 210s. A loss of that magnitude is remarkable. Athletes losing weight after retiring from their sport is not unprecedented. This is extremely common among males of larger stature.

Joe Thomas, a renowned tackle for the Cleveland Browns, is a prime example. After leaving the NFL, Thomas has transformed into a new person. The star football player appears to be in better physical shape and overall health now than when he was paid to play football.


Alistair Overeem’s health is a significant concern among mixed martial arts fans.

After testing positive for banned drugs after the fight, Overeem was suspended for a year. The judge overturned his victory over Hari and declared a No Contest. Not all responses to his remarkable weight loss were jokes about performance-enhancing drugs and steroids; many MMA fans expressed genuine concern for his well-being.

Some of the reactions are as follows:

I attended a lecture with him, and he was a lot skinnier than he appeared in his kickboxing match.

Damn, I pray my buddy Reem is all right… You Never Know. Take Chadwick Boseman, for example. They were all making fun of my man because he had cancer.

Weird, is he all right!?

How much weight did Alistair Overeem lose?

Alistair Overeem has not explicitly discussed his weight loss journey, but BloodyElbow states that he weighed 249 lbs eight months ago. However, he has since lost a significant amount of weight, and a viral Twitter photo shows that he is now 100% unrecognizable. The amount of weight Overeem has lost has not been disclosed, but it is believed to be a staggering amount.

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