Who Is Clarence Thomas First Wife? Here Is All About Kathy Ambush!

Kathy Ambush, the ex-wife of renowned US lawyer and judge Clarence Thomas, has lived mostly away from the public eye since their divorce almost four decades ago. While her personal journey may not be widely known, it remains an intriguing aspect of her connection to the prominent figure that Clarence Thomas has become. Let’s delve into the life of Kathy Ambush and explore what has transpired since her separation from Clarence Thomas.

Who Is Clarence Thomas First Wife?

Clarence Thomas’s First Wife is Kathy Ambush. Kathy Ambush and Clarence Thomas met through mutual friends. Clarence proceeded to the College of Holy Cross, while Kathy moved to a nearby college solely for women. Later, Kathy and Clarence Thomas began going out together. They tied the knot at All Saints Episcopal Church in a private wedding. The pair then emigrated to New Haven, Connecticut. Unfortunately, they divorced a decade after their marriage. 


Kathy Ambush Biography

Name Kathy Ambush
Full Name Kathy Grace Ambush
Birthdate 6 June 1950 
Age 72 years old 
Birthplace Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
Current Residence Richmond, Virginia, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Spouse Douglas Allen Smith 
Ex-husband  Clarence Thomas 
Occupation  Volunteer worker and Global Internet entrepreneur

Early Life and Marriage

Born on June 6, 1950, in Worcester, Massachusetts, Kathy Ambush grew up in a family where her father, Nelson Ambush, worked as a skilled dental technician, and her mother, Shigao Gladys Sato, played an essential role in her upbringing. Kathy attended Marian Central Catholic High School and later pursued higher education at a women’s college in Worcester. She furthered her studies in business administration at Lincoln University.

According to Tuko, Kathy and Clarence Thomas met through mutual friends while Clarence was attending the College of Holy Cross and Kathy was pursuing her studies nearby. The couple eventually tied the knot in a private wedding ceremony at All Saints Episcopal Church. They later moved to New Haven, Connecticut, where they embarked on their married life.


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Separation and Post-Divorce Life

Unfortunately, Kathy and Clarence Thomas’s marriage ended after a decade, leading to their divorce in 1984. As part of the divorce settlement, Clarence was granted custody of their teenage son, Jamal Adeen Thomas. Following the divorce, Kathy Ambush largely retreated from the public eye, leading a more private life away from the spotlight.

Career and Philanthropy

Kathy Ambush’s professional endeavors are relatively unknown, but she has been involved in volunteer work and has contributed to various organizations. She has worked as a director at the Immigration Learning Center and has also been associated with the Milton Academy of the Massachusetts Advanced Studies Program. Kathy has also engaged in draft activities as a Global Internet Entrepreneur, although details about her specific ventures remain scarce.

Current Life and Family

While information about Kathy Ambush’s present-day activities is limited, it is known that she found love again and is now married to Allen Smith. The couple resides happily in Richmond, Virginia. It is unclear whether Kathy Ambush has any additional children apart from her son Jamal.

Clarence Thomas’s second wedding 

After his divorce from Kathy Ambush, Clarence began dating long-time conservative activist Lilian McEwen, but things didn’t work out. However, not very long after, in 1987, he finally met the woman that would become his second wife, Virginia Lamp, a lawyer and conservative activist. Virginia is the founder and president of Liberty Consulting, but in her free time, she is also a special reporter for the news and opinion website The Daily Carter. Nowadays, in addition to being critical political figures, Clarence and Virginia are happily married, maintaining a strong and healthy relationship with 35 years of marriage.



Kathy Ambush’s life has remained out of the public eye since her divorce from Clarence Thomas. She has led a more private and low-profile life despite her association with a prominent figure. While details about her current endeavors are scarce, her connection to Clarence Thomas continues to intrigue those interested in the personal lives of public figures.

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