Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 Renewed: Here’s Release Date, Cast, Trailer & More!

Expedition Bigfoot is a real-life adventure show that follows a group of five experts as they embark on a quest to find conclusive evidence of Bigfoot, a mysterious creature that has eluded discovery. Airing on the Travel Channel, the show has successfully completed three thrilling seasons. Critics and viewers have showered it with positive reviews, praising its scientific approach, compelling evidence, and the team’s unwavering spirit of adventure.

After successfully complete there 3 season, fans have eagerly awaited for Expedition Bigfoot Season 4. The wait is finally over, as the show has officially been renewed for another thrilling installment. Now Many fans want to know when Season 4 will come out. Many people are even more excited to see what happens in the next season. This article will discuss Season 4 of Expedition Bigfoot, including its Release Date, Cast, Trailer & More.

Expedition Bigfoot Season 4

Expedition Bigfoot Season 4: Release Date

According to sources, Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 will be released on August 30, 2023. The first season of Expedition Bigfoot, which has eight shows, began on December 8, 2019. The second season, which has 14 episodes, came out on January 3, 2021. The third season, which has 14 episodes, came out on March 20, 2022. The last episode came out on June 19, 2022.

Expedition Bigfoot Season 4: Cast And Crew

Expedition Bigfoot is a reality adventure show about experts going to remote places to look for proof of the mysterious creature. The people who are in Expedition Bigfoot are:

Mireya Mayor: She is the team’s top chemist and an expert on animals. She is also an author, an explorer, an anthropologist, and a former NFL dancer. She has a Ph.D. in biology from Stony Brook University, and she has found several new kinds of animals in Madagascar. She wants to learn more about Bigfoot from a scientific and behavioral point of view.

Russell Acord: He is in charge of the mission and knows how to stay alive. He also used to be an officer in the military and served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has a lot of practice tracking, hunting, camping, and getting around in different terrain. He is motivated to find proof that Bigfoot does exist.

Bryce Johnson: He is the show’s host and tells the story. He is also an actress in movies and TV shows like Pretty Little Liars, Willow Creek, and Death Valley. He is very interested in Bigfoot and has been studying it for years.

Ryan “RPG” Golembeske: He Is in charge of the team’s technology and flies the drone. He also used to be an intelligence analyst for the Air Force and worked with different surveillance devices. He uses drones to look at the search area from above and take thermal pictures of possible targets.

Ronny LeBlanc: He is the team’s contact with people in the area and its analyst. He is also a writer. He wrote his book Monsterland: Encounters with UFOs, Bigfoot, and Orange Orbs. He has been looking into Bigfoot for over 20 years and has seen some strange things in Leominster, Massachusetts, where he grew up. He thinks that Bigfoot has something to do with other odd things.

Expedition Bigfoot is made by Matthew Ginsburg, Tim Healy, and Charles Norlander for Railsplitter Pictures, Ronny LeBlanc for Monsterland Media, Casey Brumels for Ping Pong Productions, Brad Kuhlman for Ping Pong Productions, Josh Gates for Ping Pong Productions, and Daniel A. Schwartz for Travel Channel.

Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 Cast And Crew

Expedition Bigfoot Season 4: Plot

The season’s plot is about the team’s search for Bigfoot, which starts when they find strange proof in California. They then go to Prince of Wales Island, Alaska, where they hear strange screams that scare the locals. The team’s progress is shown in each episode of the season as they look into different places and gather proof in their quest to find Bigfoot.

Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 Plot

Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 Rating And Review


The first season of Expedition Bigfoot was met with high praise from critics, who praised the show’s story, and characters. In rotten tomatoes, this show got a 67% average audience rating, while on IMDB, the program has a good rating of 5.5/10.


The fact that Mireya, Russell, and Ronnie know so much is my favorite thing about the show. Bryce is a great host, and he does a great job putting together the show. So far, many different kinds of proof have been found.

Where To Watch Expedition Bigfoot Season 4?

You can watch the season 4 of expedition Bigfoot on Travel Channel and Discovery Plus.

Is There A Trailer For Expedition Bigfoot Season 4?

Expedition Bigfoot | Season 4 Teaser Trailer [2023]

Is Expedition Bigfoot Worth Watching?

Expedition Bigfoot is a fun series for people who like adventure, mysteries, and learning about strange animals. On the show, a group of experts uses science, cutting-edge technology, and their courage to visit some of the most remote and dangerous places in the United States, where people have seen Bigfoot for decades. The show is fascinating because it has exciting action, beautiful scenery, interesting proof, and engaging interviews with witnesses and experts. Expedition Bigfoot is an excellent show to watch if you are interested in the story of Bigfoot and want to follow the team as they try to prove it exists.

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12 thoughts on “Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 Renewed: Here’s Release Date, Cast, Trailer & More!”

  1. Although I am English and live in the UK I got hooked on Bigfoot whist visiting my son in the USA. So far Expedition Bigfoot is the best investigative programme that I have seen.
    Looking forward to Season 4.

  2. This program is very exciting and well done. Mireya, Russel & Ronnie keep you engaged with each their own style of exploration and explaining what they have found, and how they each feel it fits into their research.Bryce is excellent at gathering testimonies from individuals and keeping the viewers excited about the possibilities of things to come. He does however make some of us quite nervous when he goes into the field, you have to keep remembering he is not alone out there.

  3. This team has gathered more quantifiable evidence for Bigfoot’s existence in just four seasons than any other individual(s) or group(s) have in decades of “hunting” for the elusive creatures. Maybe, for one thing, it’s due to the fact that they are true professionals and don’t act like a bunch of goofballs when they’re out there! Great work, everyone!

  4. I’m puzzled by mayrea in full makeup and hair done out in the wilderness hunting Bigfoot.
    I love the show and the cast.

  5. I love that it’s science based exploration. Not just a group out for a few nights and finding nothing. Case in point, Finding Bigfoot. What a waste of an hour that show is. Well done Expedition Bigfoot

  6. I recently heard that the show will now be on Discovery Channel instead of Travel Channel/Doscovery Plus. Will this mean that season 4 will not be available to watch on Discovery Plus? I have been holding onto my Discovery Plus membership for the last 3 years because it was the only way to watch the show. I will be extremely disappointed if I can’t watch it on Discovery Plus.

    THIS IS TV FOLKS !!!!!!

  8. I can’t even tell you how heartbroken I am when I went to watch Expedition Bigfoot season 4 and it was not there. And there’s no information to be found on when it might appear. Please help I need to watch season 4 !! it’s the best scientific Expedition I have ever seen on this subject.

  9. Love the show probably watched seasons 1,2,3 at least a dozen times. Even pay to get Discovery plus channel. Now season 4 comes out and you have to pay to add more channels so you can watch it. Sorry but I won’t see season 4 until they switch it back. I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels that way.


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