Who Is MMA Analyst Chael Sonnen Wife? Meet Brittany Sonnen!

Chael Sonnen is an American submission grappling promoter, mixed martial arts (MMA) analyst, and retired mixed martial artist. Sonnen started his mixed martial arts (MMA) career in 1997 and fought for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He quickly became a top rival in the light heavyweight and middleweight divisions and made regular challenges for the UFC Light Heavyweight and UFC Middleweight titles.

Sonnen is usually seen as one of the best MMA fighters who has never won a big MMA world championship and one of the best trash-talkers in the sport. As an MMA analyst, most of his fans are interested in Chael Sonnen’s wife, Brittany Sonnen. Brittany Sonnen came into the spotlight when she married the MMA analyst Chael Sonnen. In this article, we will tell you everything about Chael Sonnen’s wife Brittany Sonnen.

Chael Sonnen Wife Brittany Sonnen

Who Is Chael Sonnen Wife Brittany Sonnen?

Brittany Sonnen was born on 18 April 1985 in the United States of America. She is an American national of white ethnicity. She has a sister and a brother. Brittany currently resides in West Linn, Oregon, United States of America. It is alleged that she is an entrepreneur. But, she has kept details about her business ventures under wraps. Brittany sometimes appears alongside her husband in public events, including the 14th annual Fighters Only World Mixed Martial Arts Awards.

Who Is Chael Sonnen Wife Brittany Sonnen

When Did Chael Sonnen Meet Brittany Sonnen?

Chael Sonnen met his wife, Brittany Smith, in one of his fights in Portland. After a brief conversation with her, she ran away. Nevertheless, he pursued her through a sea of people to make another attempt. When they finally met, Sonnen used a unique tactic to get her phone number: He pretended his phone was broken and asked if he could use it, then dialled it himself. Brittany’s brother removed her from the area after overhearing her chatting with Sonnen. Sonnen then sent a text message to Brittany, warning her not to give her phone to a stranger. The next day, the two met again and began dating.

Chael Sonnen on how he met his wife.

When Did Chael Sonnen Get Married To Brittany Sonnen?

Chael Sonnen got married to his wife Brittany Smith in July 2013. It was said that Sonnen’s mother found out about the wedding when it was time to leave. They got married over the weekend without anyone knowing. Sonnen would fight Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC on FOX Sports 1 in less than two months. The event was a little small. The couple dated for almost two years after their first meeting before tying the knot.

When Did Chael Sonnen Get Married To Brittany Sonnen

How Many Children Do Chael Sonnen And Brittany Smith Have?

Brittany Smith and Chael Sonnen have two children. There is a son named Theo Stephen and a girl named Pria. Blauna Dian, the couple’s second child, was born on August 12, 2016, but she died five days later of listeria. Families of Chael Sonnen live in West Linn, Oregon, USA.

How Many Children Do Chael Sonnen And Brittany Smith Have

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