How Many Tattoos Does Adam Levine Have? Here’s What They Mean And How They Look!

Adam Levine is hot, and his heavily tattooed body adds to his rugged sexuality. This famous singer has tattoos all over his body, and why not? He has the body to show off that hot body art. Adam Levine’s tattoos all mean a lot to him and have a story behind them.

Since he was named the sexiest man alive in 2013, we’ve watched the singer’s ever-growing body art. He talked about all of his tattoos and how many of them had special meanings to him. Here is a complete list of Levine’s thoughtful, personal, and unique tattoos.

Adam Levine

How Many Tattoos Does Adam Levine Have?

Adam Levine has 31 different tattoos on different parts of his body. Through these tattoos, he wants to show the world who he is and what he stands for. Every tattoo on Adam’s body tells a story and marks a turning point in his life. Here, we look at what each of his tattoos means and the exciting stories behind them.

Here Is A Look At All His 31 Tattoos

1. 222

Adam levine has the door number of the studio where maroon 5 recorded their first song inked on his wrist.


2. Guitar Tattoo

Adam levine’s guitar tattoo on his left forearm, one of his most well-known tattoos, is not a secret. It’s easy to see where this fantastic tattoo came from. Adam levine is a great singer but also a guitarist player.

Adam Levine tattoo Guitar Tattoo

3. Paw Print Tattoo

The paw print inked on adam levine’s right shoulder is inspired by the singer’s love for animals. All his diehard fans know adam’s huge canine crush; he loved his golden retriever, frankie girl, who passed away. Just below the paw print tattoo is the word “Frankie girl.”

Paw Print Tattoo

4. Tiger

Adam Levin has a crouching tiger tattooed on the inside of his right arm. This is one of the most beautiful tattoos on the superstar’s body, and it looks great on him.


5. Rose

The Rockstar’s left shoulder, which is now a part of Adam’s fantastic sleeve tattoo, has a beautiful rose tattoo with many small details.


6. Eagle Tattoo

Adam has a massive tattoo of an eagle that goes across the front of his stomach. The eagle is a symbol of strength.


7. Adam Levine tattoo Sanskrit Tapas

“Tapas” is written in sanskrit right above adam’s heart. Tapas means “Meditation through penance,” austerity, physical suffering, spiritual excellence, etc. Adam says, “It’s my business. That’s why I put it somewhere a little less obvious.”

Adam Levine tattoo Sanskrit Tapas

8. Dove & Cherry Blossoms

One of the best and most well-known tattoos on Maroon 5 star is the one he got to remember all the people who died in the 9/11 tragedy. He has a beautiful, detailed tattoo of cherry blossoms and doves on his left arm. No one can help but love and respect this tattoo on the body.

Dove & Cherry Blossoms

9. Roman Numeral “X”

Adam Levine got an ‘X’ tattoo on his left arm to mark the 10th anniversary of his band, Maroon 5.

Roman Numeral “X”

10. Mom & Heart Tattoo

Our favorite star sure does love his mum. Adam got a tattoo for his mom on his left wrist. It’s a heart with the word “Mom” written on a ribbon across the seat.

Mom & Heart Tattoo

11. Los Angeles

We all know that adam levine, our favorite musician, is from los angeles and loves it as much as he loves music. He has a tattoo on the top of his arm that says “Los angeles.”

Los Angeles

12. California

Later, he got the word “California” tattooed across his stomach, maybe as a reminder of where he came from.


13. Beaded Necklace

He said about his pick of beaded necklace, “I don’t think it’s necessary to give every tattoo a meaning,”

Beaded necklace

14. Shark

Adam has said that he is most afraid of sharks, but he still has a tattoo of one on the left side of his rib cage.


15. True Love

He showed how much he loves his wife behati prinsloo by getting a tattoo that said “True love” across his fingers.

True Love

16. Mermaid

He started with a mermaid tattoo with angel wings holding a skull. His tattoo artist, bryan randolph, added a complex scene around it with crashing waves, a lost ship, and swallows. This took randolph six months to make, according to levine.


17. Noah 

In an Instagram picture of him holding his daughter Dusty Rose, the singer showed the word “Noah” across his stomach. This may be a tribute to his mother, whose maiden name is Noah, also his middle name.


18. Ocean Waves

He has a tattoo of Ocean Waves on his whole left leg. Nathan Kostechko, a tattoo artist, put ‘Ocean Waves’ all over Adam’s left leg on March 24, 2021. The entire process of getting this tattoo took three days.

Ocean waves

19. Japanese Inspired Design

In august 2021, tattoo artist bill canales spent 13 hours putting a complicated japanese-style pattern on levine’s right leg.

Japanese Inspired Design

20. Butterfly On A Spiderweb

In October 2021, when Levine had free time, he got a new tattoo on the middle of his neck.

Butterfly On A Spiderweb

21. Dagger Piercing Heart

He has a tattoo on the right side of his neck that says “Dagger piercing heart.” these tattoos are signs of sadness, cheating, betrayal, and sacrifice. Nathan kostechko, a tattoo artist, gave him this mark on january 5, 2020.

Dagger Piercing Heart

22. Dagger With Wings

He has a “Danger with Wings” tattoo on his right hand.

Meaning: The “Dagger with Wings” tattoo means that spiritual forces protect the wearer from above and can rise above negativity and other problems in life.

Dagger With Wings

23. Family Tattoo

He has a family tattoo on the left side of his chest.

Family Tattoo

24. Flower Tattoo

On the left side of his neck, he has a “Flower” tattoo. On november 2, 2019, sasha masiuk, a tattoo artist, put this tattoo on adam.

Flower Tattoo

25. D & R

He’s written “D” and “R” in Old English script. The first letter of each word in his daughter’s full name is “Dusty Rose.” 

D & R

26. Female Centaur Face

The “Female centaur face” on his right rib represents brutality and uncontrolled chaos.

Female Centaur Face Tattoo

27. Butterfly

The “Butterfly” tattoo on his left rib means freedom, hope, and change.


28. Women True Love With A Rose

The hand of a woman holding a rose with “true love” emblazoned upon it.

Women’s “true Love” With A Rose

29. Lion Tattoo

The “lion” tat across his lower abs represents royalty and self-confidence.

Lion Tattoo

30. Illegible


31. Sun & Flowers

Another eye-catching piece in Adam’s collection of body art is that of a sun surrounded by flowers across his right shoulder.

Sun & Flowers

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