Is ‘Windy City Rehab’ Host Alison Victoria Gay? Find Out Her Sexuality!

Alison Victoria is an American TV show host, actress, and furniture designer. She was born in Chicago, Illinois, and loved the big city’s buildings and homes. In 1999, she went to Las Vegas to attend the University of Nevada. After she got her degree, she went to work for Christopher Homes as an interior designer. Soon after that, she started her own business doing interior design.

Victoria is well-known because she is the lead host of “Windy City Rehab” and has also been on several other home improvement shows. Even though Alison is famous, she has kept her personal life pretty quiet. This has left many of her fans thinking about her Sexuality. is  Alison Victoria gay. Let’s examine whether the stories about Alison Victoria’s sexuality are true.

Alison Victoria

Is ‘Windy City Rehab’ Host Alison Victoria Gay? 

According to sources, Alison Victoria is not gay. Alison Victoria’s sexuality has been the subject of some stories lately. Some people have said that she might be gay, but from what we’ve learned, that’s not true. In 2013, Alison married a guy named Luke Harding. They met on in 2011 and married in November 2013. But after researching the Internet, Alison and Luke are no longer married. A quick look at Alison’s social media accounts shows that the HGTV star likes to keep her love life quiet. She cares a lot about her brother and family but doesn’t talk much about her relationships. So, we were surprised to find out that she seemed to have a boyfriend.

Alison Victoria and Luke Harding

Who Is Alison Victoria Dating?

As of August 2023, Alison Victoria is single, indicating that she is not currently in a romantic relationship. This information provides insight into her personal life and suggests that she is focusing on her individual pursuits, career endeavors, and personal growth during this period. It’s worth acknowledging that people’s relationship statuses can change over time.

Who Is Alison Victoria Dating

Alison Victoria Dating History

The media personality has been linked to two other guys romantically. Here are some guys with whom the TV show host is said to have been in a relationship.

Michael Marks

Alison has been linked to Michael Marks, an American cook who works in a restaurant. In a 2020 interview with People magazine, Victoria said he and her family helped her stay upbeat after she and Donovan Eckhardt broke up.

In January 2021, the American actor posted a picture of them together in which Michael leaned on her back. This started a discussion about whether or not they were dating. But no one knows if they were dating because they have never been seen in public together again.

Kenneth Wayne Johnson

Kenneth Wayne Johnson was also said to have been Alison’s boyfriend. In December 2020, she posted a picture of herself leaning on his shoulder on her Instagram account. It needs to be clarified if they were close friends or dating.

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