Is Camila Banus Pregnant in Real Life?

Want to know if Camila Banus is going to have a baby? The actress who left the soap opera Days of Our Lives after 13 years is making news. Even though it’s sad, it’s not something we need to worry about right now. Fans are starting to wonder if Camila is having a baby right now.

Who actually is Camila Banus?

Camila Banus is an actress from Miami Beach, Florida, who can do many different things. She is best known for playing Gabi Hernandez on the show I just mentioned. Camila has also acted in Almost Amazing, Hawaii Five-0, Zeke and Luther, Dexter, and One Life to Live, among other shows.

Camila Banus

Who is Camila Banus’ husband?

Camila has been with her boyfriend, Marlon Aquino, since 2012. They have been dating since they met while working on the same movie about eight years ago. There have been no official confirmations of the online reports that the two got engaged in 2017 and married in 2019.

They are currently living in the same house in Los Angeles, California. Marlon Aquino is probably best known for being the main character in “Big Brats,” a 2013 short comedy-drama film written and directed by Jean Barker and starring Devin Clark and Chloe Coleman. In the movie, the main character turns 30 and acts like a spoiled child to the party.

Camila Banus Husband

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Is Camila Banus pregnant?

There have been rumours recently that Camila is pregnant. Even though there hasn’t been any official confirmation from reliable sources, it is worth saying that Camila was pregnant while she was on “Days of Our Lives.”

Right now, Camila Banus is not pregnant, as per reports of Otakukart. In other words, we could say that the star from “Days of Our Lives” isn’t going to have a baby. We don’t know why some crazy fans thought she was pregnant. Camila Banus is a private person, as we’ve already said. But being a mother is so wonderful.

Camila Banus Husband

If she were pregnant, we are sure she would post something on social media to let people know. Since there is no proof, the rumours that Camila Banus is pregnant may be nothing but a scam. Also, she has been in good shape and fit enough recently. So, it’s possible that she doesn’t know what’s coming.

Banus and her partner, Marlon Aquino, have been together since 2012 when they met for the first time. They met for the first time on a movie set where they were both working. Over a few years, their friendship got more profound and more critical. They told the world about their engagement through an Instagram Live post in December 2020.

Camila Banus Husband

In August 2021, they married in Joshua Tree, California, before their closest family and friends. This was a beautiful step in their journey.

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