Is Kim Mulkey Engaged? Unveiling The Truth And Exploring Her Past With Ex-husband!

Kim Mulkey is an American college basketball coach and former player. She is the head coach of the women’s basketball team at Louisiana State University. She won an Olympic gold medal in 1984 and a Pan-American gold medal in 1983. She was also the first person in NCAA women’s basketball history to win a national title as a player, an assistant coach, and the head coach.

She won the NCAA title with Baylor in 2005, 2012, and 2019 and LSU in 2023. Mulkey was chosen for the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in 2000. 2020, she will be added to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Her work accomplishments have been in the news, but her fans and admirers also want to know about her life. Specifically, the question on many minds is Kim Mulkey engaged? In this article we tell you everything about the Kim Mulkey personal life.

Kim Mulkey

Is Kim Mulkey Engaged?

According to sources, Kim Mulkey is not engaged to anyone right now. That means she doesn’t have a boyfriend or husband right now. She was married to Randy Robertson before, and they have two children together. They were married for 19 years before they split up in 2006.

Kim Mulkey Was Previously Married To Randy Robertson

Kim Mulkey and Randy Robertson got married in 1987. They met when they were both attending Louisiana Tech University. Although the exact year they started dating is not publicly known, it is known that Kim and Randy exchanged marital vows in 1987.

Before they split up and later got a divorce, they were married for almost twenty years. Kim and Randy have two children together from when they were married. Kim said that becoming a mother at first overwhelmed her, but she did her best to find a balance between her job and being a mother, and she eventually got used to the tasks.

As for Randy Robertson, Mulkey’s ex-husband, he is best known for being the Bulldogs’ regular quarterback from 1974 to 1975. He graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. He also has a Master’s in advertising and public relations from The University of Alabama. Randy Robertson is a critical board member for the AAF Waco, the Waco Chamber of Commerce, and the Texas Sports Hall of Fame.

Kim Mulkey Was Previously Married To Randy Robertson

Kim Mulkey And Randy Robertson Divorced In 2006

Kim and Randy Robertson used to look like they were very happy together, but in late 2005, things began to go wrong. In January 2006, Kim’s husband told her he was leaving their home, which shocked her.

They both went to a marriage counsellor in Dallas to fix their relationship, but it didn’t work. This led to their divorce in late 2006, and they went their different ways. Kim’s full name was Kim Mulkey-Robertson before she divorced, but after they split up, she dropped the “Robertson.”

Kim Mulkey told The Advocate in 2020 that she was ready to give up everything, even her job as a teacher and all of her other work, to save her marriage to Randy Robertson. It was too bad it didn’t work out.

They still need to say the exact reason they split up. Kim said, ““The divorce is the most devastating thing to happen in my life.” He was like a stranger to her after things changed. They had two kids together and would spend the rest of their lives together.


Kim Mulkey Has Two Children

Kim Mulkey is a great basketball teacher and is proud to have two kids. Her daughter, Makenzie, is a talented athlete who excelled in basketball and softball at Baylor. She married her husband, Clay Fuller, a professional football wide receiver, in July 2015, and together they have a son named Kannon.

However, her son Kramer Robertson plays infield for the St. Louis Cardinals in Major League Baseball. He went to Louisiana State University and played baseball for the LSU Tigers.

Kim Mulkey Has Two Children

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