Is Richard Gere Gay? Playing A Gay Character In “Bent” Raise Questions!

Richard Gere is an American actor. In the 1970s, he started acting in movies. In Looking for Mr Goodbar (1977), he played a supporting part, and in Days of Heaven (1978), he was the main character. An Officer and a Gentleman from 1982, The Cotton Club from 1984, Pretty Woman from 1990, Sommersby from 1993, Primal Fear from 1996, Runaway Bride from 1999, I’m Not There from 2007, Arbitrage from 2012, and Norman from 2016. He got a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award for his role as Billy Flynn in the musical Chicago (2002).

Richard played a gay Holocaust survivor in the 1979 Broadway play Bent, for which he got a Theatre World Award. Even though he is known for being gay on stage, fans wonder if he is gay in real life as well. In this article we tell you everything about Richard Gere sexuality.

Richard Gere

Is Richard Gere Gay?

Richard Gere is not gay. Richard Gere has been married three times. Even though he has been in many relationships, he has only ever been with women. So, it’s clear that Richard is not gay and is instead straight.

Because of his praise for playing Max in the play Bent, rumours started to spread about Richard’s sexual orientation. In 1979, BENT was a play written by Martin Sherman. It takes place during and right after the Night of the Long Knives and is about how Nazi Germany persecuted gay people.

The play’s title refers to the slang term “Bent” for gay people that is used in some European countries. When the show was first put on, not much had been done in history to learn about how the Nazis treated gay people or even to understand what happened. The performance did a great job of getting people to think about how the Nazis treated gay people.

Also, everyone knows that Richard Gere won a Theatre World Award for his role as the gay character Max in the play. Because he gets a lot of attention, Richard has to deal with many stories about his sexuality. He has never said that he is gay, but everyone knows that he is married to Alejandra Silva. So it’s pretty clear that he’s not gay but straight.

Is Richard Gere Gay

Is Richard Gere Married?

Richard Gere has been married three times. He first married supermodel Cindy Crawford in 1991, but they divorced in 1995. He then married actress and model Carey Lowell in 2002, but they divorced in 2016.

At the beginning of April 2018, Gere married Spanish feminist Alejandra Silva. They said their first child would be born in August 2018. In February of this year, their son Alexander was born. The second son was born in April 2020. When the Primal Fear actor met his girlfriend for the first time in 2014, he gave her roses until she agreed to go out with him. Alejandra says she has no regrets about meeting the star all those years ago.

Alejandra Silva, the leading woman in Richard Gere’s life, knows that they are 33 years apart in age. But the actor from Beautiful Woman and her manager, who now have a lovely family, don’t care about their periods.

Alejandra doesn’t care about the age difference, which is good. In April 2018, she told Hello!

“Without a doubt, I feel like the luckiest woman in the world.”

Is Richard Gere Married?

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