Neal Currey Dead At 42: Wife Reveals War Veteran Who Died By Suicide Battled PTSD

Social media firearm influencer and Iraq war veteran Neal Currey who died by suicide on Saturday, September 10, was fighting post-traumatic stress from the war for a long time. The Army Ranger who had served four tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan was said to be dead by her wife, Casey Currey, in an Instagram post that is no longer visible. This time, Casey decided to share more information and shed light on her husband’s actions.

Casey, who is 30 years old, told Currey, who is 42, how the memories of his time in Iraq and Afghanistan during the war have been bothering him for a long time and how dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder is a fight that is not the same as being in combat.

Neal Currey had a big Instagram family. His fans loved the videos he posted, which were usually about powerful weapons. They had one child together and helped take care of Neal’s other four kids from a previous relationship. After the terrible 9/11 attacks, Currey’s choice to join the Army at age 24 stood out even more.

Casey shared a post. In this she wrote:

When we lose someone we love we must learn not to live without them, but to live with the love they left behind.

Neal Currey Battled PTSD For A Long Time Before Committing Suicide

Casey said more about Currey’s fight, which people on social media did not see. She wrote, “Neal, like many of you, struggled with the unseen wounds that soldiers bring back from war and live with for the rest of their lives, long after the battles are over and the praise for their service falls silent.”

She talked about how Currey tried to keep his problems separate from the rest of his life. She said, “Even though Neal was able to keep this part of his life separate most of the time, the struggle would sometimes come to the surface and turn into an internal war that, like combat, has days of victory and days of defeat.”

The Utah native and former Army Ranger with the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, comes from a long line of men who loved to go on adventures. His grandpa Jack was a river guide for white water rafting, and his father Stephen was the first person to raft the Upper Yangtze River in China, the Upper Ganges River in India, and the Caura River in Venezuela, according to Coffee or Die Magazine. Currey became so obsessed with guns that he started another company called 2A Media, which aimed to spread a good message about guns on social media.

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