Why Was Julie And The Phantoms Season 2 Canceled By Netflix?

The Netflix show “Julie and the Phantoms,” which gave a supernatural twist to the idea of a young star, was dropped after just one season. The show is about a girl named Julie Molina, played by Madison Reyes, who is afraid to show off her musical skills after her mother dies.

The first episode of the show was on Netflix in 2020. Kenny Ortega, the show’s chief producer and director, said on his Instagram account that the show was ending in December 2021. “Even though our hearts are sad, we are so proud of what we did as a team and the family we made while making Julie,” he wrote.

Even if a show is top-rated, Netflix is known for ending it. Julie and the Phantoms had the ingredients to be a good show onstage. But let’s find out why Netflix ended Julie and the Phantoms, whether it was because the wrong people watched it or because Netflix wanted to put its money into other things.

Julie And The Phantoms

A Little Backstory

Julie and the Phantoms is a singing show for kids that came out in 2020 on Netflix. The show is about a young woman named Julie Molina, played by Reyes, who is trying to find a new way to love music after her mother died. When she is about to give up, she calls up the ghosts of the 90s band Sunset Curve. Julie is the key to giving the band of ghost teenagers a new life because when she performs with them, everyone living can see them.

As they work together and become friends, they face dangers that could hurt their music jobs in the future. Julie, Luke, Alex, and Reggie try to make their dreams come true, light up the stage, and give us sweet music. But, even though the story was sweet and good, Netflix didn’t renew the show after the first season.

A Little Backstory

The Cast And Crew Had Plenty Of Ideas For Season 2.

The cast and team had a lot of ideas for Season 2. Dan Cross and David Hoge, in charge of the show, told TVLine in September 2020 that they would like to see the band become famous worldwide and spend more time on the ghosts’ stories.

“”We had stuff for both Reggie and Alex that just didn’t make it into the final drafts. But a second season would give us that opportunity,” they said.

Shada told Entertainment Weekly,

“I would love to see more of my character’s backstory, like his family and how he ended up in this trio of total dorks. Seeing how the three phantoms became as close friends as they are, essentially brothers.”

The Cast And Crew Had Plenty Of Ideas For Season 2.

The Ongoing Pattern Observed In Netflix Operations

Netflix is one of the most popular ways to watch movies and TV shows online. They make material like a factory; as much as Netflix can make, it is still a business. They want to see which projects will help them get what they want. This can sometimes lead to the early cancellation of popular shows.

At this point, Netflix should be breaking the law when they end shows after just one season, but that has never stopped them. I Am Not Okay With This, The Society, and Julie and the Phantoms are all examples of shows that Netflix didn’t care enough about to finish their stories. This has led to a lot of attention and claims that streaming services have ruined the idea of TV. Overall, Netflix’s trend of cancelling shows after one season makes it seem like no play is safe.

Petitions And Campaigns For Julie And The Phantoms Season 2

Netflix has confirmed that there will not be a second season of Julie and the Phantoms in September 2022. Since the first season came out, fans of the show have been begging Netflix on social media and through petitions and campaigns to renew the show, but to no end. But there is still a little bit of hope left. In the last few months, there hasn’t been as much talk about this show having the ending it deserved, but fans still love and care about it.

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