Who is Nicha, Jo Lindner’s girlfriend? Unveiling the Mystery Surrounding Jo Lindner’s Fate

Jo Lindner, a famous German bodybuilder also known as Joesthetics on Instagram, died at the age of 30. Nicha, his girlfriend, posted several pictures and a lengthy caption on her Instagram account on July 1 to share the news.

Read on to find more information about his girlfriend and his unexpected demise.

Jo Lindner

Who is Nicha, Jo Lindner’s girlfriend?

Opoyi claims that Jo Lindner posted a video to YouTube and tagged Nicha, implying that they might be dating. Like Jo, she is interested in health and exercise.

She often shared pictures showing how she worked out and cared for her health. Nicha has several views with Jo on her Instagram feed, which proves that she was, in fact, Joesthetics’ girlfriend.

The shots of their time together show a couple who seemed happy and there for each other. Jo Lindner’s death has left a hole in the lives of those who knew him well and of his devoted fans.

Jo Lindner

Even though the details of his relationship with Nicha are private, it is clear that their relationship brought them joy and happiness.

The death of Joesthetics saddens the fitness world, and people are also sending their respects to Nicha and Jo’s families during this challenging time.

Jo’s positive impact on the fitness industry and his inspiring journey will be remembered for a long time, and his influence will keep his memory alive.

Who exactly was Lindner?

Jo Lindner was a German bodybuilder and fitness advocate who went by the name “Joesthetics” online. He was a source of fun and information for people worldwide interested in exercise. He often filmed himself explaining in depth what he does to keep his body in good shape.

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How did Jo Lindner and Nicha meet?

There needs to be specific information on how Jo Lindner and Nicha met. However, it is known that they entered into a romantic relationship in 2021 and dated until Jo died in 2023.

Jo Lindner

What happened to Jo Lindner?

On July 1, 2023, it was first said that Jo had died. The sad news was shared on social media by a close star friend. “Rest in peace, Jo,” said his friend Noel Deyzel.

I keep looking at my phone to see if you’ve texted me back so we can meet at the gym. “I’m broken, bro. You welcomed us in and taught us much about life and social media. Your kindness to me and others will always be in my mind.”

Everyone who heard about Jo Lindner’s quick death was shocked, but his girlfriend Nicha was even more shocked. She said that she was with Joesthetics at the time of the accident and that it happened quickly.

Nicha made sure that Lindner died from an aneurysm. She used Instagram to talk about what happened in the days before June 30, 2023.


She wrote about what was going on in her Instagram Story. Nicha said that Lindner had been complaining about neck pain since Wednesday. Both of them thought that Lindner’s neck had a bump on it.

She wrote, “His neck hurt on Wednesday. He told me to touch it, and I did. Then we both felt like something was sticking out.” Nicha continued her story and discussed how she wasn’t home on Thursday. She went to driving school to try to get her license. On Friday, she finally got it. When she told Lindner she had passed the test, he was at the gym.

Jo Lindner

Nicha also wrote that she met Lindner that day and that he laid on her chest before he went to the gym. And the thing that caused him to die happened after he got up. Joe and I just laid down in bed. He laid on my chest with his head on my arm for 20 minutes. When it was time to go, he got up.

Nicha was upset that people thought his death was caused by drug abuse. She wrote this story to tell the truth and end the rumours.

Joesthetics and Jo Lindner’s aunt had similar experiences

According to SportsManor, Nicha even said Lindner’s aunt had the same thing happen to her. She noted that Lindler’s aunt died for the same reason four years ago.

“His aunt died of this disease four years ago so it could be genital.” He was too young to do this, yes. Though, that is neither too young nor too old. Anything can take place at any time.”

Jo Lindner

When Nicha said “genital,” she meant “about genes.” It’s important to note that she doesn’t seem to speak English as her first language.

But she used social media to get her word out, even though it was hard. She said that she wrote this to support Lindner. “I’m writing this to help Joe.

He’s worked hard for this for so long and so far, and it’s unfair for someone to guess how he died or say he overdosed. Not fair. If Joe is brave enough to say on social media that he uses steroids, there’s no reason not to believe him.

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