Who Is Melanie Martinez Boyfriend? Here Is All About Melanie Dating History!

Melanie Martinez, the talented American singer and songwriter, has been making waves not only with her music but also with her romantic relationships. Over the years, she has been linked to several individuals, including Justin Greenwood (Verde), Olivia Tree, and Michael Keenan. Let’s explore Melanie Martinez’s dating history and her current relationship status.

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Who Is Melanie Martinez’s Boyfriend?

As of 2023, Melanie Martinez is in a relationship with Justin Greenwood, also known as Verde. Born in Long Island, New York, Verde is an artist manager, freelance graphic designer, music producer, and creative director based in Washington D.C. He has collaborated with notable brands like Adidas and worked with emerging artists such as Mel Hines and Blasé Lux. Melanie and Verde have been involved in various photo shoots and frequently share pictures of each other on social media, showcasing their bond. Their relationship became public in 2022, with Melanie posting a photo of them kissing on her Instagram story.

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Melanie Martinez’s Past Dating Journey

Melanie Martinez’s dating life has been an intriguing topic for her fans. From her relationship with Miles Nasta, her former boyfriend and drummer, to her recent romances with Olivia Tree and Justin Greenwood (Verde), Melanie has experienced love and heartbreak. Her songs, such as “Training Wheels” and “Soap,” have been inspired by her past relationships, showcasing her ability to convey emotions through her music.

Olivia Tree

In the past, Melanie Martinez was in a relationship with Olivia Tree. Their relationship started in 2019 and ended in 2020. While the details of their romance are not widely known, they shared pictures together and interacted frequently on social media. However, they eventually unfollowed each other on Instagram, signalling the end of their relationship.

Michael Keenan

According to Celebsindepth, Melanie Martinez dated Michael Keenan, an American composer and producer, before Olivia Tree. Their relationship spanned from 2015 to 2018. Michael is known for collaborating with artists like Phoebe Ryan and Skizzy Mars. They met and grew closer during a writing session for one of Melanie’s songs. Michael played a significant role in producing Melanie’s debut album “Cry Baby” and co-wrote songs for her second album, “K-12.” Although they broke up in 2017, they remain good friends.



Melanie Martinez, the talented singer and songwriter, has had her fair share of romantic relationships. Her current boyfriend, Justin Greenwood (Verde), has been by her side, and they continue to share their journey. While her previous relationships with Olivia Tree and Michael Keenan have ended, she maintains a strong friendship. As Melanie’s music continues to captivate audiences, her fans eagerly await her future projects and the influence her personal life will have on her artistry.

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