Who is Puneet Superstar? Why did He Get Evicted from the Show Unexpectedly?

On June 13, the Bigg Boss OTT 2 makers showed the contestants list. Puneet Superstar is one of the people who are sure to be on the show, which will be shown on Jio Cinema.

Puneet Kumar, also known as Lord Puneet or Puneet Superstar, became famous after a video of him shouting enthusiastically while riding as a passenger on a motorcycle went viral.

This will be his first time on a reality TV show, and his name has been popular on Twitter since the news came out. Some fans even think he will come out on top in the end.

Puneet Superstar

Who is Puneet Superstar?

Puneet Superstar is a social media influencer who has gotten the nickname “hod” from many people because of how passionately he talks about the difficulties of daily life. He is known for giving away 90% of his gains to help poor children and people.

This has made him very popular with the public. People who like him also call him “Lord Puneet,” and his upcoming appearance on Bigg Boss OTT 2 has excited them.

Puneet Superstar Entry to Bigg Boss

People wanted to see me on a reality show because he was involved on social media for a long time. He told to IndiaTV that he wanted to give people more than just the 15-second films I was making. At first, the people who make Bigg Boss turned him down.

This was because he asked for an island and a house on Juhu Beach, so they told him no. But when he got to Delhi Airport, they gave him a contract worth a lot of money, and he finally agreed to join the show.

Shocking Eviction from Bigg Boss

Times Now News states that in a shocking change of events, Bigg Boss OTT 2 made history with its first-ever eviction just 24 hours after its premiere. The other contestants kicked Puneet out of the Big Brother house last night because he kept acting crazy.

Puneet Superstar

Puneet is often the subject of jokes because he posts on social media, like swimming in a muddy puddle or putting toothpaste and chili powder on his face.

After he got into the Bigg Boss OTT house and spread toothpaste all over himself, Bigg Boss was very angry with him. He was told not to put anything on his face or get sanitizer on himself. Puneet’s crazy behavior has driven the other housemates crazy, so they kick him out of the house.

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Puneet Superstar Wiki/Biography

Puneet Superstar was born as Prakash Kumar at Yashoda Hospital in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. He went to D.A.V. Public School in Sahibabad, in the city of Ghaziabad.

But he couldn’t finish school because he didn’t have enough money. In an interview, he said he wasn’t allowed to take his 12th-grade test because he didn’t pay his exam fees on time.

Puneet Superstar

Puneet Superstar Physique

He is 1.65 meters tall. He is about 75 kg in weight. His eyes are brown. His hair is black. His style is simple, like a regular person’s, so people can relate to his videos.

Height (approx.) in meters – 1.65 m
in feet-inches – 5 feet 5 inches
Weight (approx.) in Pounds – 165 lbs
in Kilograms – 75 kg
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black

Puneet Superstar Marital Status

Puneet Superstar said in an interview that he has a girlfriend, but no one knows her name. Puneet Superstar Age Lord Puneet Superstar is around 31. Prakash Kumar was born in Ghaziabad. On social media sites, he is known as Lord Puneet Superstar.

No one knows for sure when he was born. But the information says that he was born in Uttar Pradesh at Yashoda Hospital. Lord Puneet is an Indian citizen. He is also a vegetarian, which is something else you should know.

Puneet Superstar

Family of Puneet Superstar

Puneet Superstar is a well-known guy, but we still don’t know much about his family. The only things we know about him are where he was born and where he lives now.

We know that he was born in 1992 and that he was born in Ghaziabad. Soon, you’ll be able to find out more about his family.

Puneet Superstar Favorites

Favourite Singers Arijit Singh, Tony Kakkar, and Neha Kakkar
Favourite Colors red, green, and white
Favourite Foods burger, biryani
Hobbies acting, comedy

Puneet Superstar Career

Social media:Β Puneet worked at a company in Ghaziabad for Rs 10,000 per month before he became a social media star. In 2015, he lost his job, and it took him 1-2 months to find another one.

Later, one of his cousins told him to start making lip-sync movies on TikTok, so he did. Even though only a few people watched his films, he posted them for almost six months.

After a while, one of his movies went viral, and 1300 people watched it, and 96 people liked it. Because of this, he made more films. Then, he started making funny movies based on things that happened in his daily life, which people liked.

One of his most famous songs, “Apne maa baap ke tuxedo pe place so jaunga,” turned out to be the turning point in his career.

Bollywood stars like Anupam Kher and Anil Kapoor, as well as social media stars, have used this video to make lip-sync videos. He made a YouTube account called “Puneet Super Star” in August 2022 and posted vlogs and funny videos.

As of June 2023, more than 12 million people have watched his videos. Bigg Boss OTT In 2023, he was one of the contestants on the internet reality show Bigg Boss OTT 2. On the show’s first day, he put toothpaste all over his face and tried to damage Bigg Boss’s property.

Bigg Boss told him to change his attitude and strongly warned him. But Puneet wouldn’t do it and said he would leave the show. After this, he kicked off the show, making him the first person to leave the Bigg Boss House in less than 24 hours.

Puneet Superstar Facts/Trivia

  • His fans call him “Lord Puneet” all the time.
  • In an interview, he said that his Instagram account was once hacked, which made him feel sad.
  • He is known for more than just his funny movies.
  • He also helps people in need. He often gave food to poor people and even bought a car to bring food to needy people.
  • In an interview, he said he would go to places like Qutub Minar, Connaught Place, and Red Fort when he first started making films. But he soon learned that shooting movies outside was expensive, so he made videos at home.
  • People from the lower or middle classes are often called “Nalla,” “berozgaar,” “Capri and bhikmange,” and “chappal chor lake and ladkiyan” in his videos.
  • He also uses the phrase “Kothi bangle wale log” to talk about people from the upper class.
  • He is well-known for his “cake-bashing” videos, in which he sends birthday messages to random people on behalf of his family and friends. He also puts a price on the movies.
  • In his teens, he used drugs all the time. In one of his films, he talked about it and said that his drinking had caused his family a lot of trouble. He has a lot of fans on social media.
  • He has 430K followers on Instagram, 19.2K on Twitter, and 118K on YouTube.
  • In an interview, he said he had been to more than 10,000 weddings without being invited.

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