Who Is Sybil Lau? The Fiancee Of Presidential Hopeful NG KOK Song!

Ng Kok Song who used to be the head of investments for GIC, told the Elections Department on Wednesday, July 19, that he wants to run for President. He was with his fiancee, Sybil Lau, who is 45 years old, his two daughters, his son, and their husbands. His first marriage gave him children between the ages of 33 and 50. In 2005, his first wife died of cancer. When talking to the reporters, Mr Ng gave three reasons he wanted to run for President.

He said that the first is that he wants Singaporeans to be able to vote for their President instead of having a walkover happen. Second, he has been building Singapore’s reserves for 45 years at the national wealth fund GIC and the Monetary Authority of Singapore. He said the President’s most important job is keeping our supplies safe.

“Kok Song is running for President to serve the people of Singapore,” she said in English and Mandarin. Our whole family and I are behind him.” Following Mr Ng’s announcement, search phrases such as “Ng Kok Song fiancee” and “Sybil Lau” trended on Google search engine.

In this article we told you everything about Ng Kok Song Fiancee Sybil Lau. Let’s find out everything about her!

'Our family and I support him': fiancee Sybil Lau on Ng Kok Song running for President

Sybil Lau Parents And Family

Sybil Lau is a Singaporean citizen who was born in Canada in 1978. Her past and life are fascinating. Her father, Liu Zhaohang, was an ambassador. He was Canada’s High Commissioner to Brunei, and the first Chinese-Canadian diplomat sent to a G7 country. Her maternal grandpa Zhang Yuliang was a well-known businessman in Hong Kong. He was interested in real estate and finances.

When Sybil was a child, she and her parents went to Singapore, where she spent much of her life. Sybil Lau’s mother died of natural causes in 2021, which was sad and left a hole in her life. This loss significantly affected Sybil’s plans for the future, like her wedding and engagement. Sybil and her fiance, Peter Ng Kok Song, put off their wedding for three years so they could follow Chinese traditions.

She got her bachelor’s degree in December 2000 from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada.

Sybil Lau: Career

Ms Lau was a financial analyst for Goldman Sachs for two years, from 2005 to 2007. Since 2009, she has been in charge of her family’s money. Since 2020, she has been on the board of a family office in Singapore that U.S. billionaire Ray Dalio set up. Dalio founded Bridgewater Associates, one of the world’s most significant hedge funds, which tend to take risks to make big profits. A family office is a private business that manages the wealth of a single family. Since August 2022, Ms. Lau has been an independent director of Well Health Technologies, a prominent Canadian healthcare business.

Sybil Lau career

Sybil Lau Fiance Peter Ng Kok Song Relationship Timeline

Peter Ng Kok Song, who will marry Sybil, is a well-known politician in Singapore. Lau is said to have met Mr Ng because they were both interested in business. He is running for president of Singapore in the 2023 election, even though he is 75 years old. Ng was married to his late wife until she died in 2005. He is now a widower. They had three kids together: a son, who is now 50, and two girls, who are 47 and 33.

Even though Sybil Lau and Peter Ng were 30 years apart in age, they found a deep link and thought they would be a good match. The fact that Ng’s children are happy about their relationship shows how strong and committed they are to each other. The two planned to marry earlier. But since Sybil’s mother died recently, they chose to put off their wedding to respect Chinese traditions.

Ng Kok Song introduces his family and fiancée Sybil Lau

Sybil Lau Philanthropy Works

Sybil’s passion is helping others; she gives a lot of money and time to charities and social groups in Singapore. She advises philanthropy to big Asian family offices, using her knowledge and experience to encourage giving that makes a difference.

Sybil also helps people as a member of the SG Enable board, a central body in Singapore set up by the Ministry of Social and Family Development. The goal of SG Enable is to help people with disabilities reach their full potential and fully take part in a society that welcomes them.

Sybil Lau has shown that she is committed to helping vulnerable groups, especially when things are hard, like during the COVID-19 pandemic. She has been a last-mile/gap funding partner who has helped with projects that give essential help and resources to needy people. Sybil also volunteers for several food delivery and community groups, showing that she is directly involved in improving the world.

Sybil Lau went to Simon Fraser University for a bachelor’s degree there. Her education has given her a solid base to build a successful job and do good things for others. Sybil is fluent in more than one language, and her ability to communicate successfully across cultures and regions increases her impact and makes working with different stakeholders easier.

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