Who is the father of Sexyy Red’s second baby? Singer revealed father of child with a song

A lot of people read about celebrities getting pregnant in the news, so the birth of Sexyy Red’s daughter Chyna has made fans crazy with questions.

The baby’s father’s name is still unknown, but that hasn’t stopped online detectives from coming up with their ideas. Read on to find more information about the celebrity.

Who is Sexyy Red?

Singer Sexyy Red, whose real name is Janae Nierah Wherry, is from St. Louis and is known for writing songs that are strong and sure of themselves.

Sexyy Red

She became well-known for her song “Pound Town,” which got a remix with Nicki Minaj and reached number 66 on the Billboard Hot 100.

She is called “Sexyy Red” because her nickname is “Red” and she is very attractive. She started singing after her boyfriend cheated on her and she wrote a diss song about it.

She has worked with singers like Drake, Travis Scott, and Summer Walker. Her music is known for being sexually explicit and telling personal stories.

Who is Sexyy Red dating in 2024?

One of Sexyy Red’s real names is Janae Nierah Wherry. She has been in relation with several rappers. In 2023, she was said to be seeing Drake and NLE Choppa. However, her present relationship status is not known accurately.

Some people thought the mystery man might be rap legend Boosie Badazz after she shared a picture of her new boyfriend wearing an ankle monitor on Instagram Stories in September 2023.

But Boosie Badazz later denied the reports and said he would block people because of them.

Sexyy Red

Does she have kids?

Sexyy Red does have kids. She has two kids. One is named Chuckie and was born in 2020.

Sexyy Red’s rap career was greatly influenced by Chuckie’s father, who has the same name as their son. Since he is in jail, they keep a good relationship for the sake of their child.

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When did Sexyy Red have her second child?

On February 5, 2024, Sexyy Red had her second child. Even though it hasn’t been officially proven, there have been rumors that the child’s father is another rapper named Bricc Baby.

Who is the father of Sexyy Red’s second baby?

It has not been officially revealed who the father of her second child is. Vibe says that Bricc Baby, another rapper, is said to be Sexyy Red’s second baby daddy.

This information comes from an Instagram post by Sexyy Red, in which she shared pictures from a maternity shoot.


Bricc Baby himself revealed that he is the child’s father. It’s important to note, though, that this information comes from a single source, and Sexyy Red hasn’t officially revealed who the father of her second child is.

HipHopdx says that Sexyy Red has kind of confirmed who the father of her unborn child is after making fun of him in a song.

There was an Instagram post from the “Pound Town” rapper on Thursday, January 11 that has since been deleted. It had pictures of her and an unnamed guy cuddling during a maternity shoot while they waited to have their baby.

Sexyy Red

Even though she called him “bd” in the description, the man’s face was slightly blurred.

The woman from St. Louis also posted pictures of herself from the same shooting that show how pregnant she is. She has also talked about having to hide the fact that she was pregnant while she was on tour with Drake.

Is Drake the father of Sexyy Red’s child?

Drake isn’t the dad! Sexyy Red does have a song called “Bow Bow Bow (F My Baby Dad),” but she wasn’t talking about Drake.

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