Alexei Navalny Cause of Death: Jailed Russian opposition Leader Died in the Arctic Circle

Alexei Navalny Cause of Death: The prison service says that Alexei Navalny, who was Russia’s most important opposition leader for the past ten years, died in a jail in the Arctic Circle.

He was President Vladimir Putin’s loudest enemy, and he was in prison for 19 years on charges of extremism that ere mostly seen as political. He was sent to one of Russia’s toughest prisons at the end of last year.

Alexei Navalny Cause of Death

Alexei Navalny

The Russian prison agency says that the reason of Alexei Navalny’s death is still being looked into. Navalny was a known leader of the opposition and a harsh critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He died in jail in the Arctic Circle, where he was serving a 19-year sentence. The jail service said Navalny got sick after a walk and passed out.

An ambulance came, but he couldn’t be brought back to life. CNN says that the official cause of death is still being looked into, but some state-run media have said that Navalny may have died from a blood clot, which could not be independently confirmed.

The death of Navalny has made Western politicians very angry, and they have blamed Putin directly for it.

Personal Life of Alexei Navalny

Ivan Navalny was married to Yulia Navalnaya, and the two of them had two children. He was born in Russia on June 4, 1976. Navalny was the leader of Russia’s opposition, a lawyer, an activist against graft, and a politician.

Someone who spoke out against Russian President Vladimir Putin and his government was well known. Navalny was watched by a group of agents for three years and was jailed more than once, which many people thought was politically driven.

Alexei Navalny Cause of death

In August 2020, a Novichok nerve weapon was used to poison him. He lived after getting treatment in Germany.

Navalny died on February 16, 2024, in a prison camp in the Arctic Circle. He was 47 years old. The reason he died is still being looked into.

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Alexei Navalny Career Journey

At the start of his work, Alexei Navalny went to school and got a law degree and an economics degree from People’s Friendship University in 1998.

After that, he did an internship at Yale. Navalny first became well-known as a lawyer and anti-corruption fighter who brought to light widespread corruption in Russia’s economy and government.

He used to be a member of the liberal opposition party Yabloko, but he later quit to lead the fight in Moscow against unchecked cities growing too fast.

Navalny’s political activity got him arrested and jailed more than once, usually for taking part in protests that weren’t authorized or for facing politically motivated charges of theft and fraud.

Navalny was arrested and given a 15-day prison sentence in 2011 after large protests against messing with votes in a parliamentary election.

Navalny was charged with theft and fraud in 2012, but he said the charges were politically driven. In both cases, his sentences were delayed, which the European Court of Human Rights later said was wrong.

Navalny’s fight against graft led to the creation of the Foundation for Fighting graft. Navalny’s political career was marked by his criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his government.

Alexei Navalny

In 2022, he was jailed for nine years on charges of terrorism. Navalny was poisoned with a Novichok nerve weapon in August 2020.

He was treated in Germany and then went back to Russia, where he was arrested right away. Navalny spent his last days locked up in a jail colony in the Arctic Circle, where he died on February 16, 2024.

Public Reaction to the Death of Alexei Navalny

Reports that Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has died have caused a huge uproar around the world, and the Russian government has been harshly criticized. Here are some of the most important responses:

  • President Biden: Navalny’s death was caused by something Putin and his friends did. He also made it clear that Putin is guilty for Navalny’s death.
  • Jake Sullivan: The national security adviser for the White House, called Navalny’s death a “terrible tragedy” and asked what happened because the Russian government has a history of hurting its opponents.
  • Annalena Baerbock: The foreign minister of Germany, said that Navalny’s death was due to his fight for a free and fair Russia.
  • Emmanuel Macron: The president of France, , praised Navalny’s memory, dedication, and bravery. He also spoke out against the practice of sending Russian prisoners of conscience to the gulag.

Alexei Navalny

  • President Volodymyr Zelenskiy of Ukraine said it was clear that Putin killed Navalny and that Putin shouldn’t keep anything from anyone.
  • President Ursula von der Leyen of the European Commission said she was deeply upset and saddened by the news of Navalny’s death and said it was a terrible reminder of what Putin and his government are all about.
  • NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said that hearing about Navalny’s death made him very sad and upset. He also stressed how important it was to get all the facts and for Russia to answer serious questions about how he died.
  • Egils Levits: The president of Latvia called Navalny’s death a murder and said that Vladimir Putin was personally responsible for his early death.
  • Former Russian businessman Mikhail Khodorkovsky said that if the stories of Navalny’s death were true, then Vladimir Putin is personally responsible for his early death, no matter what the official cause of death was.

These responses show that many people think Navalny’s death was caused by the acts of the Russian government and its leaders. The foreign community wants a full investigation into what happened when Navalny was said to have died.

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