Unraveling the Mystery: Exploring the Motive Behind Makima’s Decision to Kill Power in Chainsaw Man

The manga series Chainsaw Man has captivated fans with its thrilling storyline and unexpected plot twists. One of the significant moments that shocked readers was the death of the character Power at the hands of Makima. However, many new fans who transitioned from the anime to the manga might have missed the underlying motive behind Makima’s decision to kill Power. In this article, we will delve into why Makima chose to eliminate Power and explore the consequences of this pivotal event in Chainsaw Man.

A Drastic Turn of Events

According to Sportskeeda, Denji and Power find themselves in a new apartment after the Gun Devil arc due to the destruction of Aki’s residence. Denji, still grappling with the guilt of killing Aki, seeks solace in Makima’s apartment. In a vulnerable moment, Denji confesses his desire to become Makima’s dog, relinquishing his autonomy to avoid making decisions that bring him pain.


Makima, taking advantage of Denji’s vulnerability, agrees to his request. She instructs Denji to open the door when the doorbell rings, revealing that it is Power outside. Shockingly, Makima reveals her intention to kill Power. Although initially taken aback, Denji, under Makima’s control, reluctantly opens the door to find Power holding a cake for Denji’s birthday.

Makima’s Calculated Betrayal

In a cruel twist, Makima uses her Force Manipulation powers to brutally shoot Power, completely obliterating her body from the waist up. Returning inside, Denji questions if he is dreaming, provoking Makima’s uncontrollable laughter. She discloses that Denji’s “promise” with Pochita was a contract, and her objective was to break that contract.

Makima explains that she orchestrated Denji’s happiness by providing him a job, money, and companionship with Aki and Power. Her ultimate plan was to inflict unbearable pain upon Denji, rendering him incapable of living everyday life and preventing any chance of recovery. She shattered Denji’s newfound happiness and destroyed everything he cherished, manipulating the events of Chainsaw Man for this purpose.

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Power’s Ultimate Fate

Although Power meets her demise at Makima’s hands, she reappears briefly before the end of Part 1. Makima, having stripped Denji of his contract, manipulates him into transforming into the proper form of Chainsaw Man. In a fierce battle, Makima kills the Chainsaw Devil’s adequate form, seemingly taking Denji’s life.


However, Power is awakened by Pochita’s blood, which Denji consumed earlier. Pochita implores Power to save Denji, leading her to jump out of the Chainsaw Devil’s true form and transform into the Blood Devil’s proper form. Power then takes Denji to a dumpster, where their consciousnesses communicate as he recovers. However, when Denji awakens, Power’s body and consciousness are gone, solidifying her death.

The Motive Behind Power’s Death

Makima’s decision to kill Power is driven by her desire to break Denji’s contract with Pochita and plunge him into irreparable despair. By manipulating Denji’s happiness and then snatching it away, Makima aimed to leave him shattered and unable to regain an everyday life. Power’s death catalyzed this plan, marking the beginning of the end for Makima’s presence in Chainsaw Man.


The complex and gripping narrative of Chainsaw Man continues to surprise and captivate readers. Understanding the motives behind Makima’s actions, particularly her decision to kill Power, adds depth and nuance to the unfolding storyline. As fans immerse themselves in the manga series, paying attention to crucial plot points and character developments is essential to appreciate this dark and thrilling world’s intricacies fully.

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