Why is Markiplier on OnlyFans? What were his three OnlyFans conditions?

If you’ve spent time on YouTube in the last decade, you’ve seen one of Markiplier’s videos. The developer has amassed a large following on YouTube thanks to his hilarious skits, insightful commentary, and gameplay videos for horror and independent games.

Markiplier, whose real name is Mark Fischbach, is arguably the biggest YouTube star, with about 19 billion views on his channel as of this writing. He is known to launch OnlyFans account, about which further details are given in the article.


Who is Markiplier?

In case you haven’t heard of him, Markiplier is a popular YouTuber who uploads Let’s Play videos and has amassed a massive fanbase of over 34 million subscribers and over 19 billion video views.

He first gained popularity by posting Let’s-Plays of games like “Five Nights at Freddy’s,” “Red Dead Redemption,” and “Prop Hunt,” but nowadays, he also posts content that has nothing to do with video games.

His popularity has allowed him to expand his channel’s offerings. Markiplier has committed a large chunk of his YouTube career to charitable work, and he has also utilized his platform to create ambitious original content, such as the chose-your-own adventure video A Date With Markiplier. Including $500,000 in a single day for My Friend’s Place.

Markiplier has raised over $3 million through his many charity live streams and fundraising events.

Why is Markiplier on OnlyFans?

Mark Edward Fischbach, better known as Markiplier on YouTube, intended to create an OnlyFans in October. Markiplier, however, would only release his OF account after first receiving assistance from his subscribers, as per Spiel Times.

Imagine if his listeners helped his Distractible and GO! podcasts grow. To promote My Favourite Sports Team to the top of Apple Music and Spotify’s rankings, a YouTuber may sign up for an OnlyFans account.


What Markiplier thought when he put his subscribers through that ordeal is a mystery to us. It should come as no surprise that his subscribers kept their part of the bargain.

His podcasts quickly rose to prominence and became widely listened to. However, Markiplier reneged on the agreement and now demands that his audience pays for the documentary his mom made under the moniker “Momiplier.”

The overwhelming enthusiasm for Markiplier in 2018 could have been an inspiration. His 2018 “Tasteful Nudes” calendar was a smashing success. With the proceeds from the sale of his calendar, Markiplier was able to donate almost $500,000 to the Cancer Research Institute.

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For a worthy cause, we swear Markiplier ultimately joined OnlyFans because his subscribers were so determined to have him on the platform. On November 2, he announced his contact with OnlyFans in a video titled “you win…”

Now that his fan base has proven they can keep their half of the bargain, the YouTuber can finally make his promised OF account. Markiplier revealed his internet subscription service account just last week.


His video announcement caused the site to crash within minutes. He then posted a simple inquiry on Twitter, reading: “… really guys?” Markiplier is giving back to the community by giving away 100% of his OnlyFans revenue.

Don’t forget about that “Tasteful Nudes” calendar we mentioned. This is virtually a continuation of that. Only on his OnlyFans account may Markiplier get completely nude, and his fans will still watch.

The YouTuber’s community is buzzing with discussion about this monumental achievement by their favorite video producer.

Markiplier on OF: How to Subscribe

Here’s how to donate OnlyFans while subscribing to the YouTuber’s NSFW channel. Remember that signing up for his account won’t cost you a dime. The content of his profile is what you’ll be paying for.

The first three images you upload to a creator’s OnlyFans page on YouTube will only cost you $3.00. Markiplier has made his OnlyFans account free to join, so the only thing you’ll have to pay for are the pictures he posts.

The following items are required to accomplish this: Payment details and a working email address are required. You can view Markiplier’s profile once you’ve signed up for OnlyFans (remember to register a user/fan account!).


What were his three OnlyFans conditions?

According to There were three objectives for Markiplier’s 34 million subscribers: His goal was to get his

Distractible podcast to the top of the charts on both Apple and Spotify.

Go! My Favourite Sports Team, his second podcast, also topped the sports podcast charts. Markiplier From North Korea, his new documentary, sells tickets for $12.

Based on his mother’s life, the story follows him as he travels searching for lost relatives. After fans met the first two requirements in three days, the YouTuber added the third.

Despite not having a viewership goal, the heartwarming documentary was seen by many subscribers, who praised it for being beautifully made” and “touching.”

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