Who Was Zach Bryan Ex- Wife Elisabeth Rose Madden? Why Did They Divorce?

Zach Bryan, the renowned singer-songwriter, has captivated audiences with his soulful music and heartfelt lyrics. Yet, beyond his musical prowess, his personal life has garnered attention, particularly his brief marriage and subsequent relationship. Although Zach Bryan has preferred to keep his personal life under wraps, his fans couldn’t help but speculate and inquire about his former wife, Elisabeth Rose Madden, and the reasons behind their divorce.

While details about their marriage remain scarce, it is evident that Zach Bryan has moved on and found happiness in a new relationship. He often shares glimpses of his new girlfriend on social media, offering fans a peek into his evolving personal life. Despite the scrutiny surrounding his relationships, Zach Bryan’s focus and dedication to his craft have never wavered. With his undeniable talent and a devoted fan base, he continues to pave his way toward becoming one of the most influential singer-songwriters of his generation.

Zach Bryan

Who Was Zach Bryan’s Ex-Wife, Elisabeth Rose Madden?


According To worldwidetune.com, Elizabeth Rose Madden is the ex-wife of Zach Bryan.  Rose is an accomplished and dedicated Navy veteran who has demonstrated her commitment to service. Currently pursuing her studies at Arizona State University, she has served in the US Navy for more than five years, assuming various roles throughout her tenure.

Presently, Madden serves as a Ground Safety Petty Officer for Patrol Squadron 46, where she takes on responsibilities that contribute to the well-being of her colleagues. This includes the development, coordination, and delivery of monthly mass educational briefings focusing on occupational accident trends and training for mishap prevention.

Additionally, she plays a vital role in conducting biannual Navy Safety and Occupational Health (NAVOSH) inspections, ensuring compliance with safety standards. Madden also conducts routine inspections of Industrial Emergency Eye Wash Stations and Fire Extinguishers to guarantee their adherence to established protocols.

In her capacity as a direct supervisor, she oversees seven safety programs, which encompass important areas such as Hearing Conservation, Fall Prevention, Motorcycle Safety, CPR/First-Aid, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Control, Aircrew Survival Equipment, and Laser Hazards Control.

Moreover, Rose possesses extensive experience as a Naval Aviator, having amassed over five years of valuable expertise in this field.

Zach Bryan And Elisabeth Rose Madden

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How Did Rose Madden Meet Her Former Husband Zack Bryan?

During Zack Bryan’s serving in the US Navy, his romantic involvement, Rose Madden, was also serving in the same capacity. Hence, it can be reasonably concluded that the pair met each other while on active duty.

According to reports, a strong bond formed between them right away, and they continued to date throughout Zack’s time in the Navy. In the role of a girlfriend, Rose proved to be a supportive presence in Zack’s budding career as a musician. She frequently contributed background vocals to his raw, self-produced tracks and even made appearances in some of his music videos.

How Did Rose Madden Meet Her Former Husband Zack Bryan?

Zach And His Wife Rose Wedding Was Postponed A Couple Of Times Due To COVID-19

Rose Madden and her boyfriend finally chose to get married, but the COVID-19 pandemic spreading through America and Europe in 2020 kept getting in the way of their wedding plans.

At first, they wanted to get married in a big way at Moraine Lake in Canada’s Banff National Park. This wedding plan was stopped after the US government found severe cases of coronavirus on the border between the US and Canada.

The next step in their plans was to get married at Glacier National Park in Montana, and they could have done better at getting the word out. Unfortunately, the following warning from the US government told people not to drive within a 350-mile radius, even though their wedding location was more than 640 miles away. This stopped that plan from going forward.

Rose Madden Became Zach Bryan’s Wife In 2020

Rose Madden and Zach Bryan got married in July 2020. Colchuck Lake in Washington is where the couple got married. During their big day, the bride wore a lacy, backless dress while holding a bouquet made out of “Safe Way Flowers.” Groom wear dark suits, white shirts, and cream-colored ties. Brady Bates, their photographer, said he knew they were made for each other when he met them.


In response to a fan’s tweet about him not releasing new merch the month after their wedding, the singer confirmed his marriage. Bryan wrote:

“ya sorry brother had to get married that’s my bad [sic]”

Why Did Zach Bryan And Rose Madden Divorce?

Rose Madden and Zach Bryan were married, but they’re divorced now. Neither of them has publicly discussed the reason for their divorce. The couple may have had a quarrel about disloyalty and unfaithfulness before their separation while Madden was in Europe. According to countrythangdaily.com one of them cheated on the other. Additionally, Zach Bryan is currently single.

There has been no official confirmation of the rumors, but sources close to the couple suggest that Bryan’s newfound fame may have played a role in their break up. Madden reportedly became uncomfortable with the attention she was receiving from her husband and ultimately decided to end their relationship.

Who Is Zach Bryan New Girlfriend?

Accoridng to People. Bryan began dating Brianna LaPaglia, a podcaster for Barstool Sports, in July 2023. In May of 2023, Brianna LaPaglia, said on a new episode of her BFFs show that she and Bryan met briefly at ACM Awards in Dallas. At the time, she talked about meeting Zach Bryan at the American Country Music Awards in a vlog called “Meeting Zach Bryan at the ACM Awards.” Since then, they’ve been on an 18-hour road trip together.

Brianna Chickenfry Lays Out Zach Bryan Relationship Timeline

Who Is Brianna LaPaglia?

Brianna LaPaglia is an American content creator, blog writer, podcaster, and social media star. She is best known for hosting shows for Barstool Sports, a famous digital media company. Some of Brianna’s TikTok videos became popular online, making her more well-known. She then became a TikTok star by making videos about life that were funny and approachable.

She became more famous when she started posting videos of herself with a hangover. She became so popular that she started calling herself the CEO of Hangovers. These hangover videos got Barstool Sports’s attention, and the company hired Brianna to lead its podcasts.

She also writes blogs for the company and posts them on the PlanBri page of Barstool’s main website, in addition to hosting the company’s podcasts. Brianna LaPaglia is also well-known on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, among other social media sites.

Who Is Brianna LaPaglia

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