Dutch 2 Release date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and More Details!

Following the success of the action-packed crime film “Dutch,” directed by Preston A. Whitmore II, fans are eagerly anticipating the release of its highly anticipated sequel. In “Dutch 2,” audiences will delve deeper into the intriguing life of James Bernard Jr., famously known as Dutch. Set in the treacherous underworld of New Jersey, this gripping sequel promises to take viewers on a thrilling ride filled with suspense, danger, and unexpected twists. With the original film captivating audiences worldwide, the release date of “Dutch 2” has become a hot topic of discussion among movie enthusiasts. This article provides information on the release date of the movie “Dutch 2,” covering everything you need to know.

Dutch 2 Release Date

Dutch 2 Release date

There is no clear information about the release date of Dutch 2.

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Dutch 2 Cast

It remains uncertain who will be part of the cast for “The Dutch 2.” However, it is reasonable to anticipate that the ensemble from the movie “Dutch” will likely return for the sequel. This includes Natasha Marc, Michelle Iyana Halley, Sam Tamera Kissen, Simone Robert Costanzo, Malcolm David Kelley, Tyrin Turner, Jeremy Meeks, James Hyde, Lance Gross, Kyle Massey, Markice Moore, and Melissa L Williams.

Dutch Plotline

The movie “Dutch” is an action drama centered around the character Bernard James Jr., known as “Dutch,” who stops at nothing to establish his dominance on the streets and beyond. Survival becomes his ultimate goal, and the pursuit of power becomes a dangerous addiction. After taking control of a stolen heroin business belonging to an African drug lord, Dutch transforms it into the most feared drug empire along the East Coast.

However, he faces numerous adversaries, including a vengeful Mafia heir, an ambitious District Attorney, and a former friend burdened with guilt, all determined to bring him down. As Dutch fights for his life during a trial, he strategizes to outwit those who betrayed him and seeks his own form of justice, following the rules of the streets. Although there is no detailed plot synopsis available, it is evident that “Dutch” explores the world of the drug trade and the criminal underworld in a gripping manner.

Dutch 2 Plotline

Currently, there is no plotline for Dutch 2.

Dutch Rating & Reviews

Dutch rating on IMDb 3.9/10


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  1. It was a good plot and lots of action to me I think it should be rated more than 3.9 I will give it a 10 with plot in action and drama sincerely yours Reginald Carter Jr

  2. That was a bad ass movie I read the book please come out with part 2 I give dutch a rating of a 10 ppl need to actually pay attention to that movie it’s the best

  3. if you read the book you would agree with me that the dutch movie was trash in comparison fo the book by far. they could have done so much better.

  4. Dutch was difinately better than a 3.9. You do have to pay attention. I had to watch it twice to catch what I missed. Macy Gray told the plot so how is there no plot? Hands down Manney Halley did his thing.


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