No Way Up Release Date, Star Cast, Plot & All You Need To Know!

Are you excited about the release of the new action-thriller movie, No Way Up? The wait is almost over! Fans of this highly anticipated film have been eagerly anticipating the official release date. This article will answer all your questions about when No Way Up will be released. Read on for more information about the movie’s release date and other exciting details. Even so, if you worry a lot about plane crashes or have difficulty being in small spaces, this story might be too much of a nail-biter for you.

No Way Up

No Way Up Release Date

Unfortunately, the release date of “No Way Up” cannot yet be predicted. According to THR and Altitude Film Sales’ Instagram posts, production will commence on the island of Malta in the spring of 2022. Based on this region’s pleasant Mediterranean climate, we can assume that the film will take place in the spring or summer.

Throughout most of the film, however, their plane remains submerged in an air pocket, rendering the weather irrelevant. Who knows where their aircraft will be after it crashes, as “No Way Up” is situated in the Pacific Ocean and not the Mediterranean Sea, which encompasses Malta. The production of the movie commences on the island of Malta in the spring of 2022. It is reasonable to assume that “No Way Up” will be released in summer 2023.


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Who is Starring in No Way Up?

According to Deadline, The original star, Kelsey Grammar, left the project due to scheduling issues, Colm Meaney took over the role, starring alongside Phyllis Logan (“Downton Abbey”). Little is known about their roles so far, but Altitude Film Sales shared that the film “sees characters from very different backgrounds thrown together”.

Other cast members are The Irish actor, Colm Meaney, stars alongside BAFTA Award winner Phyllis Logan (Downton Abbey), James Carroll Jordan (Kingsman: The Golden Circle), Sophie McIntosh (Brave New World), Will Attenborough (Dunkirk), Jeremias Amoore (Zero Chill), Manuel Pacific (Terminator: Dark Fate), and Grace Nettle (War of the Worlds).

Kelsey and Phyllis Logan

Who Is Directing No Way Up?

“No Way Up” will be directed by Claudio Fah, who is from Switzerland and has a long history of making action movies. In the 1990s, Fah made a few short films. His first full-length movie, “Coronado,” came out in 2003. Since then, he’s made movies like “Hollow Man 2,” “Sniper: Reloaded,” “Northmen: The Viking Saga,” and “Sniper: Ultimate Kill.”

As for the rest of the creative team, “No Way Up” will have Mayson, Runagall, and Will Clarke from Altitude Film Entertainment, as well as directors Annalise Davis (“Up There”) and Molly Conners (“Birdman”). The script was also written by Andy Mayson, known for making disaster movies like “47 Meters Down” and “The Girl With All the Gifts.”

Who Is Directing No Way Up?

What Will No Way Up Be About?

After their plane crashes into the Pacific Ocean, two characters, portrayed by Colm Meaney and Phyllis Logan, are thrust into survival mode and are forced to form an unlikely alliance. With their damaged aircraft on the verge of sinking and a limited air supply for the passengers and crew, the chances of survival appear astronomically low.

NO WAY UP is a high-concept disaster film and survival thriller in which characters from vastly different backgrounds are thrown together when their plane crashes into the Pacific Ocean. The airliner crashes dangerously close to the edge of a bottomless ravine, trapping the surviving passengers and crew in an air pocket. As their air supply rapidly depletes, a nightmare struggle for survival ensues as dangers approach from all sides.

No Way Up Release Date

Final Words

In conclusion, the release date of No Way Up is yet to be announced. Fans can stay updated on new developments by following the film’s official social media accounts. As more information becomes available, it will be posted on these platforms and other news outlets. While we still have time before seeing the entire movie, a few teasers have already been released for fans to enjoy.

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