Red, White and Royal Blue Movie Release Date, Cast, Plot , Trailer and Other Details

Red, White and Royal Blue Movie Release Date: Since the publication of Casey McQuiston’s phenomenally successful LGTBQ+ romance novel, fans have been eagerly awaiting the adaptation into a feature film, and recent announcements about the film’s cast, plot, and release date have not disappointed.

Alex Claremont-Diaz, the first son of the United States of America, and Prince Henry, the son of the British crown, play significant roles in both the book and the film adaptation. The movie takes cues from the author’s witty and engaging writing style, promising a healthy dose of romance, comedy, and subtle satire.

Red, White, and Royal Blue was a New York Times best seller when it was first released in 2019, so there is an established audience for the film adaptation.

Red, White and Royal Blue movie

When Will Red, White and Royal Blue Be released?

It won’t be long now! Screenrant says that on Friday, August 11th, the Red, White, and Royal Blue film will debut on Amazon Prime Video. The film is available exclusively through Amazon Prime and cannot be viewed on any other streaming service. It will undoubtedly be one of the most talked-about streaming films of the summer.

When did the production of Red, White and Royal Blue begin?

TeenVogue claims that On June 22, 2022, Zakhar Perez and Galitzine provided a video update from the set of the film. “We’re in London on the Red, White & Royal Blue set,” Zakhar Perez beamed. We are excited to bring Henry and Alex’s story to life, and we are now officially in production.

Galitzine continued, and then they engaged in the most Henry and Alex banter imaginable. On his Instagram account, Zakhar Perez posted a selfie of himself on the steps of his trailer on June 18. He signed off with an “Alex Claremont-Diaz” and the American and British flag emojis.

That concludes the first week. Zakhar Perez, Galitzine, and McQuiston posted more adorable behind-the-scenes images from the set at the end of June and in the middle of July.

Cast of Red, White and Royal Blue movie

Taylor Zakhar Perez of The Kissing Booth 2 and Nicholas Galiztine of Purple Hearts have been cast as Alex and Prince Henry, respectively, in the upcoming film adaptation of Red, White, and Royal Blue. Uma Thurman plays the president, and Sarah Shahi from Sex/Life and Love, Victor fan favourite Rachel Hilson, both appear.

Although most of the primary roles have already been cast, actors for Rafael Luna, Oscar Diaz, Shaan, Amy, Liam, Prince Phillip, Cash, Queen Mary, Princess Catherine, Leo, Jeffrey Richards, and (of course!) David has yet to be revealed.

Red, White and Royal Blue movie

Here’s who’s who in the movie’s cast:

  • Nicholas Galitzine as Prince Henry
  • Taylor Zakhar Perez as Alex Claremont-Diaz
  • Uma Thurman as President Ellen Claremont
  • Clifton Collins Jr.
  • Sarah Shahi as Zahra Bankston
  • Rachel Hilson as Nora Holleran
  • Stephen Fry
  • Ellie Bamber as Princess Bea
  • Thomas Flynn
  • Malcolm Atobrah as Percy “Pez” Okonjo
  • Akshay Khanna
  • Sharon D. Clarke
  • Aneesh Sheth
  • Polo MorĂ­n
  • Juan Castro

What is the film’s plot titled “Red, White, and Royal Blue?”

The film is faithful to the plot of Casey McQuiston’s best-selling novel of the same name. A shocking and public showdown between the First Son of the United States and the Prince of Wales leads to an unexpected and exciting love turn for the pair.

Red, White and Royal Blue movie

The film’s official synopsis via Amazon Studios:

Alex Claremont-Diaz (Taylor Zakhar Perez), the son of the first woman President of the United States (Uma Thurman), and Britain’s Prince Henry (Nicholas Galitzine) have a lot in common: stunning good looks, undeniable charisma, international popularity…and a total disdain for each other.

Separated by an ocean, their long-running feud hasn’t really been an issue, until a disastrous—and very public—altercation at a royal event becomes tabloid fodder driving a potential wedge in U.S./British relations at the worst possible time.

Going into damage control mode, their powerful families and respective handlers force the two rivals into a staged “truce.” But as Alex and Henry’s icy relationship unexpectedly begins to thaw into a tentative friendship, the friction that existed between them sparks something deeper than they ever expected.

Red, White and Royal Blue movie

Is Red, White and Royal Blue a movie or series?

Some book readers who have yet to follow the production process closely may enter the summer adaptation with questions about whether or not it is a feature film or a 10-part television series. The movie adaptation has a running time of 1 hour and 52 minutes, which is disappointing, given how much we all want to see more Alex and Henry.

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Is there any Trailer for the movie Red, White and Royal Blue?

Prime Video has not yet released a trailer for Red, White, and Royal Blue. As is the norm for the streamer’s original material, the trailer was released one month before the film’s official release.  The Red, White, and Royal Blue trailer cannot be expected before the first half of July 2023, roughly a month after the film’s global premiere.

Red, White and Royal Blue movie

Where can I find Red, White and Royal Blue to stream?

The Amazon Studios-made queer romance film Red, White & Royal Blue will premiere exclusively on Prime Video.

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