‘Poor Things’ Release Date on Netflix: When will the movie be available to watch digitally?

A lot of people liked “Poor Things” this award season. Many awards have already been given to and won by the movie directed by Greek Yorgos Lanthimos. It got two Golden Globes in 2024.

The movie has already won one award for Best Picture – Musical or Comedy, so it is almost certain to be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. However, “Oppenheimer” is still the favorite to win the prized award.

But right now, the only way to see this award-winning movie with Emma Stone is in a theater.

This movie version of Alasdair Gray’s 1992 book about Bella Baxter, a reanimated body with a baby’s brain who quickly grows up to be an adult and goes on a trip of self-discovery and debauchery, still doesn’t have an official streaming date.

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There was not even a hint as to when it might be available on paid video-on-demand.

But we’ve done our homework and are sure we know which of the best streaming services this movie will be available on and when. Keep reading to find out when you can watch “Poor Things” on streaming sites.

Where will ‘Poor Things’ be available for streaming?

Because of the SAG-AFTRA strikes, the movie didn’t come out in theaters for about three months.

Poor Things was meant to come out in theaters in early September 2023, but on December 8, it was only shown in a few locations. On December 22, 2023, it will be available all over the country.

Don’t go to the theater if you don’t want to see Poor Things. It will be available to watch in a few months.

This is because Disney owns Searchlight Pictures, so their pictures end up on Hulu. Sorry, but you won’t be able to watch this movie on Netflix or HBO Max.

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You should be able to stream Poor Things sometime around February 2024. The Mary Sue says that there isn’t an official date yet, but based on when streaming releases have happened in the past, you can be sure of that. We’ll let you know as soon as we know the exact date.

Will ‘Poor Things’ be available on Netflix?

Economic Times says that it’s not clear when Poor Things will be available on Netflix, but it’s not already there. The movie is from Searchlight Pictures, which is owned by Disney.

As with other movies from the same production company, like Rye Lane and Theater, it will likely soon be available to watch on Hulu, which is also owned by Disney.

Should you seek further updates and insights on celebrities and entertainment, delve into our past posts where we’ve comprehensively addressed all aspects.

When can I watch “Poor Things” on Hulu?

When Searchlight Pictures movies get on streaming sites, things aren’t always easy. Some movies go straight to Hulu instead of theaters.

Even worse, our guess based on past release dates was off; February 6 came and went without any news, let alone the movie showing up on streaming sites.

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We do have some news, though. Variety says that starting February 27, you will be able to buy or rent “Poor Things” on paid video-on-demand streaming services. After two weeks, on March 12, it will be available on Blu-ray and DVD.

Searchlight movies usually come out on Hulu the same day they come out on PVOD, but after reading Variety’s news, I’m not sure if that will happen this time.

So far, this movie has been made in the usual way for Searchlight, which I think is in part because it’s been so successful.

So, our official (updated) guess is that “Poor Things” will be available to stream on Hulu on March 12, 2024, the same day it comes out on Blu-ray and DVD.

The excitement from the 2024 Academy Awards two days before will build on that. The movie could win a lot of awards there. After all, promoting an Oscar winner is even better than promoting a candidate.


What is the movie “Poor Things” about?

“Poor Things” is a black comedy fantasy movie coming out in 2023. It was directed by Yorgos Lanthimos. The story is about Dr. Godwin Baxter, a doctor, who brings a young Victorian woman named Bella Baxter back to life.

At first, Bella is naive, but she ends up running away with a shady lawyer named Duncan Wedderburn. They go on an adventure of self-discovery and sexual freedom, demanding equality and freedom from the stereotypes of their time.

‘Poor Things’ Movie Cast Details

The principal cast of the film “Poor Things,” directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, features:


  • Emma Stone as Bella Baxter
  • Mark Ruffalo as Duncan Wedderburn
  • Willem Dafoe as Dr. Godwin “God” Baxter
  • Ramy Youssef as Max McCandles
  • Jerrod Carmichael as Harry Astley
  • Christopher Abbott as Alfie Blessington
  • Margaret Qualley as Felicity
  • Kathryn Hunter as Madame Swiney
  • Suzy Bemba as Toinette

‘Poor Things’ Movie Trailer

POOR THINGS | Official Trailer | Searchlight Pictures

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