Mansi Sharma Net Worth 2023: A Journey of Rising Stardom and Success!

Mansi Sharma is an Indian actor who works mainly in Hindi TV shows and Bollywood movies. Her part as Harleen Kaur Gill in the TV show Choti Sarrdaarni brought her much attention and fame. Mansi Sharma has been on the show and wowed everyone with her acting skills.

Mansi Sharma Net Worth

Mansi Sharma Net Worth 2023

Mansi Sharma has been in the business for a long time, which has made her a wealthy star. But no one knows how much she earns each month. According to the personage,  Mansi Sharma has a net worth of about Rs 5 Crores INR. If her work keeps going like this, this could go up even more.

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Mansi Sharma Biography

Mansi Sharma is one of India’s most well-known actors who work on TV. She also works as a model for a living and has a YouTube channel. She has been in many TV shows and movies in different languages. Mansi has shown the TV business that she has a lot of talent and can easily play any role.

Mansi Sharma Biography

Many big companies have asked her to pose for them and promote their goods. Mansi Sharma was born to a Hindu family on March 16, 1989, in Jammu and Kashmir, India. Her family raised her in the same place with much love and care. She just turned 32 and lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Mansi Sharma Career

Mansi Sharma did not start out wanting to be an actress. She wanted to join the army of India. To do this, she joined her college’s NCC team. Her life took a sharp turn in her second year of college, and she became very interested in acting. She started working in college plays and stage productions. She was in her last year of school when she tried out for Balaji’s show.

Mansi Sharma Career

This was a good choice for her since she was chosen. But she went to Mumbai, Maharashtra, for the show. With the show “Aasmaan Se Aage” in 2012, Mansi made her first appearance on TV. After the show was a hit, she played the role of Indrani in the mythology-based show “Devon Ke Dev Mahadev.” Mansi became very well-known after her first shows did very well.

Mansi Sharma Career

She has now worked on many TV shows, such as “Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do,” “Chandra Nandhini,” “Pavitra Rishta,” “Mariyam Khan Reporting Live,” “Uttaran,” and many more. In 2015, the movie “Jugaadi Dot Com” was her first in the Punjabi film business.

She has also done some great things in Malayalam movies. She also keeps doing TV ads for a lot of different brands. She is involved with the television show “Box Cricket League” because she plays for the Chennai Swaggers team on the show.


Mansi Sharma’s journey from aspiring to join the Indian Army to becoming a renowned actor in the Indian television and film industry is truly inspiring. Her exceptional acting skills, versatility, and dedication have earned her immense fame and success. Mansi Sharma’s net worth reflects her significant achievements, and with her promising career trajectory, she is poised for even more significant accomplishments in the years to come.

FAQs about Mansi Sharma

When and where was Mansi Sharma born?

Mansi Sharma was born on March 16, 1989, in Jammu and Kashmir, India.

What is Mansi Sharma’s current age and residence? 

Mansi Sharma is 32 years old and resides in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

What was Mansi Sharma’s first television show? 

Mansi Sharma made her television debut with the show “Aasmaan Se Aage” in 2012.

In which TV show did Mansi Sharma gain recognition for her role as Harleen Kaur Gill? 

Mansi Sharma gained recognition for her portrayal of Harleen Kaur Gill in the TV show “Choti Sarrdaarni.”

What is Mansi Sharma’s estimated net worth? 

Mansi Sharma’s net worth is estimated to be around Rs 5 Crores INR.

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