Jerry Falwell Scandal Explained: Falwell Jr. Resigns Amidst Sex Scandal!

The Jerry Falwell scandal has been a public discussion topic for years. As one of the most influential figures in evangelical politics, allegations surrounding his personal life have sparked controversy and confusion. In this article, we will break down the facts of the Jerry Falwell scandal and explain what happened. We will examine the timeline of events and look at how this incident has impacted Falwell’s legacy as a religious leader.

Jerry Falwell Jr. Resigns Amidst Sex Scandal

According to, On Tuesday, evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Jr. resigned as president of Liberty University amid a sexual scandal.

Falwell and his wife Becki had a relationship with Giancarlo Granda, a younger man they met at a hotel in Miami Beach. It has been gradually revealed in several articles over the past three years, most notably by Aram Roston and Brandon Ambrosino. Still, Granda went on the record for the first time on Monday to describe his relationship with Roston.


Falwell confirmed the affair while contesting certain aspects of Granda’s account. It was the final straw for his job at Liberty, where he was already on leave due to controversy surrounding a racy Instagram photo he posted. Liberty is a Christian university founded by Falwell’s father and renowned for its students’ adherence to a strict code of moral conduct.

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Details of the sex scandal are receiving considerable attention. But more broadly, this is a tale of financial, institutional, and political corruption involving one of the nation’s most prominent evangelical organizations, and the saga may have contributed to the election of Donald Trump. There are still holes in the narrative, but in 2015, Michael Cohen, who Falwell had met a few years earlier when Trump spoke at Liberty, attempted to assist the Falwells with a problem arising from this situation. Cohen later stated that Becki Falwell’s compromising photos were the source of the issue.

Who is Jr. Jerry Falwell?

Jerry Falwell Sr., a Southern Baptist pastor who founded a church at age 22 in 1956, is the progenitor of the Falwell family. Falwell Sr. would become one of the nation’s most prominent televangelists over the next two decades (the duration of Jerry Jr.’s childhood). By founding the Moral Majority, a political organization that mobilized conservative evangelical Christians to play a more prominent role in politics and support the Republican Party, he converted his national fame into political influence.

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