Do You Know Who Is The No: 1 Youtuber in Kannada?

Kannada YouTubers have been on the rise in India over the last few years, gaining a massive following due to their varied content. With so many Kannada YouTubers continuing to create amazing videos, it can be hard to determine who is No: 1 Youtuber in Kannada. Let’s look at who has acquired this desirable position.

Who Is Kannada No: 1 Youtuber?

No: 1 Youtuber in Kannada

If you are a fan of Kannada content on YouTube, you must have heard of Raghu Gowda  – the popular YouTuber of the Youtube Channel Raghu Vine who has taken the online world by storm. But who is he, and why is he considered Kannada’s number-one YouTuber? Let’s find out.

Raghu Vine, whose real name is Raghu Gowda, is a self-made entrepreneur and content creator from Karnataka, India. He started his YouTube channel in 2016 with prank videos and later moved on to creating entertaining vlogs, challenges, and collaborations with other YouTubers. His unique style of presenting himself in front of the camera, and witty humor, earned him a massive following within a short period. You can find one of his videos with most number of views uploaded on his Youtube Channel below:

Prank on my wifey

Raghu Vine Store’s YouTube channel has over 258k subscribers and is a popular Kannada content creation platform that primarily produces comedy sketches and music videos. Raghu Vine Store is renowned for exploring diverse food varieties, bicycles, locations, and random objects. He was also a contestant in Big Boss Season 8 Kannada.

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More About the No.1 Youtuber in Kannada

Raghu Gowda was born into a middle-class family. He is his parent’s only son. The Masala Chai says that Raghu grew up in Bangalore and worked hard in school. Raghu’s father died when he was only in the fourth grade, which was sad. Since then, he has paid more attention to his schoolwork. However, he is said to have hit a snag when his grades started to get worse.

But Raghu overcame the hard times and finished his BCA at Vijaya College. Raghu knew he didn’t want to keep working in Computer Applications even after getting his degree. After his mother killed herself because of sadness, he hit rock bottom again after that. Raghu was in a tough spot, so he went to work for a company and made Computer Applications for seven years.

He also got married during this time. Raghu would also do freelance work for some social media channels and would like to start his channel. Raghu is said to have quit his job after seven years and begun pursuing his dream. He would post short movies on Facebook, which made him famous. He was also one of the contestants on season 8 of Bigg Boss Kannada.

Raghu Vine

Here Are Some Interesting Facts About Raghu Gowda

  • When Raghu was in fourth grade, his father passed away.
  • During his school years, he excelled academically; however, his grades declined in PUC.
  • Due to depression, Raghu’s mother committed suicide in 2014.
  • Despite his initial disinterest in the field, Raghu worked for a computer application company in Bangalore for seven years after his mother’s passing.
  • He then quit his job to become a freelance writer for YouTube channels and social media websites.
  • Raghu began posting short comedic videos to his Facebook account, which were well-received by the public.
  • In October 2017, he launched the YouTube channel Raghu Vine store. On his channel, he posts vlogs about food, bikes, and travel.
  • During the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown, his videos gained popularity, making him an internet sensation.
  • Raghu was a content creator for the YouTube channel Metrosaga for some time.
  • Additionally, he has appeared in an episode of the Kannada comedy program Comedy Darbar.

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