When does the Baddies East Reunion come out? All You Want to Know

Find out when the Baddies East Reunion show might come out and who might be in it. The reality show Baddies is about a group of young women with funny nicknames who try to get along with each other while going to and holding different promotional events.

When does the Baddies East Reunion come out?

Now that the fourth season of Baddies, called Baddies East, is over on Zeus Network, the homecoming special is probably pretty close. But when could the special come out?

Based on the information we access and some mental math, it should be easy to guess when the Baddies East Reunion will come out. The reunion special for Baddies’ first season, which aired in 2021, came less than a month after the last show. The show’s first half came out on August 15, 2021, and its second half came out on August 22, 2021.

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After that, reunions for the second and third seasons came out two and three weeks after the finales. Considering all of this, the Baddies East Reunion will air on Zeus Network about two or three weeks after the last show of the primary season, which aired on January 21.

According to The Direct, Fans can expect it to happen sometime between Sunday, February 4 and Sunday, February 11. And if the special has more parts, they will be released in the coming weeks.

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Who is going to the Baddies East Reunion?

Natasha Nunn, Camilla Poindexter, Christian “Rock” Malone, Goldie “Rollie” Martin, Scotland “Scotty” Ryan, Mariahlynn Araujo, Michele “Siya” Sherman, and other cast members are all expected to be at the Baddies East Reunion.

Many people are looking forward to the gathering, and NeNe Leakes and Janeisha John from Zeus Networks were named hosts.

baddies east reunion

What will happen at the Baddies East Reunion?

The Zeus Network reality streaming show Baddies East group gets together for the Baddies East Reunion to discuss their experiences and settle any unfinished business from the season. NeNe Leakes and Janeisha John from Zeus Networks are hosting it.

There aren’t many specifics about what will happen at the meeting, but fans can expect the following: Talk about what happened this season and what the group went through. It is getting rid of any bad feelings or disagreements that exist between the group members.

It was a chance for the group to discuss their thoughts about the season. The meeting will likely happen two or three weeks after the fourth season of Baddies East comes out, which was on January 21.

baddies east reunion

The exact date and time of the reunion have not been released yet, but fans are looking forward to it. The event will likely give fans more information about how the cast interacted and what they did during the season.

Baddies East Reunion Teaser

Baddies East Reunion | Teaser | Zeus

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