Black Mirror Season 6 Review: The Season Represents a Welcome Return to Form

Black Mirror Season 6 Review: Season 6 of Charlie Brooker’s twisted anthology series is now on Netflix (NFLX). Black Mirror has built its name as a science fiction show with astute and occasionally terrifying insights into the status of our society in the face of seemingly limitless technological breakthroughs.

This season, though, the show makes a few tentative forays into the supernatural with mixed results. Several of the strongest episodes this season aren’t concerned with scary technology gone wild but with how we’ve let our entertainment absorb and degrade us.

It’s a welcome departure from the show’s previous approach to its audience.

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Black Mirror Season 6 Web Series Review By Critics

Review By: Indie Wire

For a moment, it looked like “Black Mirror” Season 6 was going to douse its Trojan Horse in gasoline and drop a match. The first episode of the anthology series’ new, long-gestating batch puts Netflix in its sights from the outset, using the platform’s typeface and interface to tell a story about, well, faces. “Joan is Awful” is another in the show’s “ripped from the WIRED headlines” approach to technology.

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Black Mirror

Review By: Decider

There are very few showrunners working for Netflix that can openly mock Netflix, but Brooker is one of them. Streamberry’s logo looks like Netflix’s, it goes “dudum” like Netflix does, and the interface looks exactly the same. The way showrunners have been sniping about the service’s algorithm-driven programming decisions, you don’t think they’ve tried to at least float the idea of tailoring shows based on the massive amount of information its gathered about its users?

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Review By: Variety

The first episode of “Black Mirror’s” new, sixth season features a tableau with which its viewers will likely be intimately familiar: A couple, sitting on their couch, deciding what to stream in the evening. This being “Black Mirror,” their choice of programming will have mind-bending consequences; this being latter-day “Black Mirror,” it’s also a reflexive comment on its medium.

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Review By: The Verge

Beyond the Sea” is the rarest breed of Black Mirror episode: the kind driven by empathy. Carried by a cast that includes Aaron Paul, Josh Hartnett, and Kate Mara, it’s equal parts character study and Twilight Zone creeping horror — a story focused less on the series’ typical social commentary than on three people whose impossible situation leads to an inevitably tragic end.

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Review By: The Independent

Reviewing a season of Black Mirror is like reviewing the British weather. One moment you’re basking in the sun, the next you’re being drenched with rain. When Charlie Brooker’s speculative anthology series, predominantly concerned with our technological future, first aired in 2011, it was hailed as both brilliantly acerbic and powerfully prescient.

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Rating: 3/5 Review By: BBC

Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker could be forgiven for wondering if Netflix’s publicity team was behind some of the news stories that broke just before the latest season of his show was released. It’s exactly the sort of high-tech contraption that might feature in a typical episode of Black Mirror, in a storyline that would explore the extremes of its dystopian potential and delve into any unforeseen or unwanted impact.

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Rating: 3.5/5 Review By: IGN India

Black Mirror’s fifth season is one of the series’ best, with a condensed batch of new stories that deliver great storytelling, interesting characters, and fascinating technologies that don’t overshadow Charlie Brooker’s deeply personal stories. After the success of Bandersnatch, it’s nice to see Brooker going “old school” for Season 5, and leaving the interactive space alone for now.

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Review By: The Guradian

In a world in which the creator of the Oculus headset claims to have invented a new virtual reality system – called NerveGear – that kills players for real when they are bumped off in a game, it is clear that Black Mirror has its work increasingly cut out. NerveGear is similar to the premise of Playtest in season five of Charlie Brooker’s tech dystopia magnum opus

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Review By: Digital Spy

In the four years Black Mirror has been off our Netflix home screens, technology has tried its insidious darndest to catch up with the dystopian head-bender, finding new frightening ways to change our lives in ways that feel a bit ‘Black Mirror-y’. Even in the past few months since the sixth season wrapped, a not-so-quiet revolution in tech has dawned with the launch of ChatGPT, sparking inescapable doom-mongering that artificial intelligence could replace entire workforces – before the bots take over the place completely.

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