Longmire Season 7: Will There Be Another Season On Netflix?

Longmire is an American crime drama TV show that started on the A&E network on June 3, 2012. John Coveny and Hunt Baldwin created it. The show is based on Craig Johnson’s books about the detective Walt Longmire. It’s about Walt Longmire, a sheriff in Wyoming’s made-up Absaroka County. He investigates significant crimes in his area with the help of his staff, friends, and daughter.

Longmire was the “highest-rated original drama series” on A&E, but in August 2014, the network said it would not continue the show after the third season. Warner Horizon TV tried to sell it to other networks and starting with season four, Netflix bought it. Netflix put out the sixth season on November 17, 2017.

Since it’s been six years, there has been no news about the series. fans find themselves pondering whether there will be a Longmire Season 7. Will Netflix grant our wishes for a continuation, or has the sun set on the beloved series for good? Let’s delve into the latest developments and explore the possibilities of Longmire Season 7.


Longmire Season 7: Will There Be Another Season On Netflix?

According to sources, After six seasons, Longmire came to an end in 2017. The sixth season of Longmire was its final season. The show originally aired its first season on A&E in 2012, but unfortunately, after just three seasons, it faced cancellation. However, it found salvation in Netflix, becoming one of the fortunate few to escape demise. Despite this second chance, all good things must eventually conclude, and after three more seasons on Netflix, Longmire’s journey will come to an end.

Longmire Was Very Popular, So It Was Shocking When It Was Cancelled For The First Time.

One of the main reasons a show is cancelled is because no one is watching it. For Longmire, that wasn’t true. The show’s second season averaged nearly six million viewers per episode on A & E, making it the network’s most-watched original series ever and an outlier regarding original scripted cable content. But by the time it was cancelled, numbers had gone down.

The first number is much better than the second, which is okay. The number of people watching new seasons of AMC shows started increasing when the second series was added to Netflix. Even though Longmire’s numbers had decreased over time, A&E’s decision to end the show was still shocking.

So, even though A & E’s choice to end the show was shocking, one can understand why they did it. But you can’t say the same about Netflix because it doesn’t need money from ads. Also, it’s hard to know how well the show did because Netflix keeps that information private.

Longmire Was Very Popular, So It Was Shocking When It Was Cancelled For The First Time.

Why Did Netflix Cancel Longmire Season 7?

When Netflix decided to give Longmire a sixth season, it was also said it would be the last. With ratings and viewing data, it’s easier to figure out why the streaming service cancelled Longmire after six seasons. We have some excellent ideas that don’t have to do with scores.

First, it’s possible that Longmire just ran out of steam. By the end of the sixth season, the show had already covered much of Johnson’s best-selling book series material, which was the show’s inspiration. Instead of going beyond the original story, the writers may have called it a day.

Actors’ contracts could be another reason why the movie wasn’t made. Many contracts today are for six seasons, and while there’s no objective evidence that this was the cause—after all, many shows have run longer than six seasons because actors have signed new contracts over the years—it’s still possible that Taylor and other actors didn’t want to sign new contracts to keep the show going. Because of these contracts, shows also get more expensive as they go on, which could have been another reason for the delay.

In the end, we may never know why Netflix shut down. We only know that Netflix added three more seasons to Longmire than it would have had otherwise, which is hard to be upset about.

Why Did Netflix Cancel Longmire Season 7

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