Man Like Mobeen Season 5 Release Date: Will the Comedy Drama Go Ahead with New Seasons?

In British television, few shows have garnered as much praise and recognition as “Man Like Mobeen.” This groundbreaking comedy series, created by and starring Guz Khan, has captivated audiences with its unique blend of humor, social commentary, and authentic representation.

Set in Birmingham, the show follows the life of Mobeen, a young Muslim man navigating the complexities of his community while trying to stay on the right path.

In this article, we delve into the world of “Man Like Mobeen,” exploring its impact, cultural significance, and why it has become a beloved and influential series in today’s television landscape. Read on to find more about the next season of the show.

Man Like Mobeen

About Man Like Mobeen

Man Like Mobeen is a British comedy-drama television series set in Small Heath, Birmingham. It follows the life of the titular Mobeen, a 28-year-old Brummie Muslim who is singlehandedly raising his 15-year-old sister, Aqsa. The show documents the struggles of his criminal past, his friendships, and the controversies he faces as a Pakistani Muslim.

Mobeen tries to live a good life as a Muslim and ensure his sister reaches her potential while escaping his murky past as a drug dealer. The show has three seasons and 13 episodes. The fourth season of Man Like Mobeen is set to premiere on June 8, 2023, exclusively on BBC iPlayer.

Man Like Mobeen

Cast and Crew members of Man Like Mobeen

The show is produced by Cave Bear and Tiger Aspect Productions for the digital channel BBC Three and is written by Guz Khan and Andy Milligan.

The prominent cast members of Man Like Mobeen are:

  • Guz Khan as Mobeen Deen
  • Tolu Ogunmefun as Nate
  • Dúaa Karim as Aqsa
  • Tez Ilyas as Eight (until season 3)
  • Perry Fitzpatrick as Officer Harper
  • Salman Akhtar as Officer Saj
  • Specs Gonzalez as Chippy
  • Youssef Kerkour as Megladon

Other cast members include:

  • Mark Silcox as Uncle Shady
  • Kian Hunt as Azhaar’s Gangster

The show has a total of 118 cast members.

Man Like Mobeen

Reception of Man Like Mobeen’s previous seasons

Man Like Mobeen has received positive reviews for its concise comedy and character writing, above and beyond anything in decades. The show has been praised for its distinct and hilarious characters, with every character being funny and unique.

However, some reviewers have noted that the play could be more consistent, with some episodes feeling slightly tricky and the scenarios somewhat contrived.

Despite this, the show has been well-received overall. The show has a 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The show has been commissioned for a fourth season, which will mark the end of the series. 

Man Like Mobeen

Man Like Mobeen Season 5 Release Date

NashikCorporation states there won’t be a season 5 of Man Like Mobeen. The fourth season, which is set to premiere on June 8, 2023, exclusively on BBC iPlayer, will be the series’ final season.

He said that Mobeen and his best friends’ story will end in a way that makes sense. As fans say goodbye to this popular show, they can look forward to the final season to see how the story ends and how the characters’ journeys come to a satisfying end.

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How many episodes does Man Like Mobeen Season 4 have?

Man, Like Mobeen Season 4 consists of a total of four episodes, each with a duration of 30 minutes. All four episodes of the season will be available on BBC iPlayer on the day of the series premiere.

Man Like Mobeen

Where to watch Man Like Mobeen Season 4?

Man, Like Mobeen Season 4 can be watched on BBC Three & BBC iPlayer. The fourth season will be released as a boxset on BBC iPlayer on Thursday, June 8, 2023, for those who want to binge-watch the entire season. The show will also be broadcast on television on the same day.

Man Like Mobeen Season 4 synopsis

Man Like Mobeen Season 4 follows the story of Mobeen and his crew as they navigate the challenges of their post-prison existence. With Mobeen and Nate adjusting to life on the outside, they face new hurdles and unexpected situations that test their dreams of a peaceful existence.

The season promises an exciting blend of humor, heart, and thought-provoking storytelling. The show documents the struggles of Mobeen’s criminal past, friendships, and controversies as a Pakistani Muslim.

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  1. It’s disgusting that such a proactive and favorite show cannot have a proper ending no season 5 this is why British television is no longer the best the best shows are always the short-lived ones at the moment in the UK

  2. At the very least, Give this amazing show an 1.5 hr long movie for tie up all the loose end and befitting ending.
    It’ll be a really really BAD decision if they decided to end right there…

  3. If this is how bbc are ending this then the public should stop paying its licence fee, I think they have left it like this to make a xmas special or something

  4. Hang on, is that it? Where was the “will end in a way that makes sense”? We are left hanging with no idea what happens to Aqsa! Worst ending since the Sopranos.

  5. This series cannot possibly end this way!!!!!
    There’s no ending at all…he’s alive yes but what about Aqsa? Terrible way to end an amazing show…BBC you’ve got this sooo wrong! We must have series 5.


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