Sex Education Season 5: Will The Show Return For Another Season On Netflix?

Sex education is one of Netflix’s popular shows. The British series combines comedic and clever storylines with real lessons about sexuality, family, and growing up. The group cast includes characters like Otis, who is socially awkward but has good intentions; Eric, who is friendly and loyal, Maeve, who is intelligent and tough, and Jean, who is also Otis’ mother.

The show has been a fan favourite since it started in 2019, and Netflix said that 40 million people had watched it within a month of its debut. Fans were surprised to hear that Sex Education would end after Season 4 since the show was so popular. Some even thought it was too soon to end.

Even though the show was supposed to end, it’s not unheard of for shows to come back, so people are wondering if Sex Education will come back for a new season. Keep reading to learn more about a Season 5 of Sex Education.

Sex Education Season 5

Sex Education Season 5: Will The Show Return For Another Season On Netflix?

Sex education season 5 won’t return for another season on Netflix. Laurie Nunn, the show’s creator, lead writer, and executive producer, wrote a letter to fans before the fourth and final season came out. In the letter, she told fans how much she appreciated how much they loved the show.

Nunn wrote, as reported by Variety:

“We are incredibly proud of Sex Education and feel indebted to our brilliant writers, cast and crew who put so much heart into making every episode. They have worked tirelessly to bring you the final series, and we can’t wait to share it with you, Goodbyes are the worst, but let’s celebrate all the good times we’ve had.”

Sex Education Season 5: Will The Show Return For Another Season On Netflix?

Why Was Sex Education Season 5 Canceled?

As for why the show is ending, it could be clearer if it was dropped or if the story just came to a natural end. Nunn also wrote in her letter that

“This was not an easy decision to make, but as the themes and stories of the new season crystallised, it became clear that this was the right time to graduate.”

Nunn told Netflix that:

“it just started to feel very clear that the stories were coming to an end, the characters were being left in a place that I felt really good about it. I felt happy for them, and I felt like I’ve said everything that I want to say with these characters at this time.”

Why Was Sex Education Season 5 Canceled?

Is There A Sex Education Spinoff Or Movie?

Even though the main Sex Education series may be over, don’t be surprised if a spinoff is revealed someday. Nunn said to Netflix:

“I’m definitely taking a break and thinking about other things. But Moordale is a really rich world, and writing about teenagers is always a lot of fun,” she explained. “So, I think that there’s always potential for more to be explored in that world.”

Is There A Sex Education Spinoff Or Movie

Sex Education Season 4 Ending Explained!

At the end of sex education season 4 Otis And Maeve decide to break up. Since Maeve (Emma Mackey) is taking writing classes in America, Otis (Asa Butterfield) spends most of Season Four fighting with another sex therapist at his new school, Cavendish. She goes by “O” (Thaddea Graham), and when Otis shows up, she already has a huge fan base.

Throughout the season, Otis and Maeve also get into two big fights. He gets jealous of Maeve’s new friends in the US and sleeps in the same bed as his ex-girlfriend, Ruby (Mimi Keene).

In Episode Seven, Maeve returns to her studies in America, and the two decide to break up. Otis also gives O his sex therapy office after learning how much more it means to her. After telling her mean teacher (Dan Levy) off, Maeve gets a job for her book “Southchester.” She then writes Otis an emotional letter saying she’ll always be grateful to him for teaching her to trust people again.

Sex Education Season 4 Ending Explained!

Sex Education Season 4 Trailer

Sex Education: Season 4 | Official Teaser | Netflix

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