The Dragon Prince Season 6 Renewed! Here’s Release Date, Cast And More!

The Dragon Prince is an animated fantasy television series produced by Netflix. The first season began on September 14, 2018. It was made by Wonderstorm and drawn by Bardel Entertainment. The second season started on February 15, 2019, and the third season began on November 22, 2019, the end of the first story arc.

After a three-year break, the fourth season started on November 3, 2022, and the second story of the show began. The Dragon Prince season 5 was released stealthily 4 days earlier than the anticipated July 27th release date. On July 23rd, the release of season 5 on Netflix globally surprised and delighted fans, who can now immerse themselves in Callum’s continued adventure.

After the stealthy season 5 launch several days earlier than initially intended, fans of The Dragon Prince are eagerly waiting for season 6. Excitingly, Netflix has renewed The Dragon Prince for a 6th season. Surprisingly, Netflix has also renewed The Dragon Prince for a 7th season. Now, fans want to know the release date of season 6. In this article, we will tell you everything about The Dragon Prince season 5, including the Release Date, Cast, And More!

The Dragon Prince Season 6

The Dragon Prince Season 6 Is Already In Development

In July 2020, during a live stream from Comic-Con, Aaron Ehasz, one of the creators of The Dragon Prince, said that Netflix had “picked up the entire saga.” This meant that work on season 6 was already well underway.

The rest of the group must have been surprised by the news because the team’s reactions went viral worldwide.

Zoom Into Xadia: The Dragon Prince | Comic-Con@Home 2020


With this news, fans of The Dragon Prince can look forward to more adventures, magic, and character growth as the story continues. The fans’ hard work was a crucial part of making this extension possible, and it shows how a passionate group can shape the future of a series they love.

Aaron Ehasz’s words show how hard and passionately everyone on the team has worked on The Dragon Prince. The end of the story has been a long-awaited goal, and now that Netflix has given the go-ahead for Season 6, both the people who make the show and the people who watch it are probably more excited than ever.

The Dragon Prince Season 6 Release Date

According to the sources, The Dragon Prince Season 6 release date, it remains to be announced. Since Season 5 of The Dragon Prince just came out on Netflix, it might take a while for news or teasers for Season 6 to come out.

But based on how long it took to make the other seasons, fans can expect The Dragon Prince Season 6 to come out in either the first (Q1) or second (Q2) quarter of 2024. Even though the wait might seem long, fans of the series will find it well worth it when they can finally continue the trip with Callum and the rest of the group.

The Dragon Prince Season 6: Cast

There is no confirmed news regarding The Dragon Prince Season 6 Cast. We can expect the same old cast from season 5. You can check the cast below.

  • Jack Desena As Callum
  • Paula Burrows As Rayla
  • Sasha Rojen As Ezran
  • Erik Todd Dellums As Aaravos
  • Jason Simpson As Viren
  • Racquel Belmonte As Claudia
  • Jesse Inocalla As Soren
  • General Amaya
  • Rena Anakwe As Queen Janai

The Dragon Prince Season 6 Cast

The Dragon Prince Season 5: Ending Explained

The goal for Season 4 and Season 5 of The Dragon Prince has been to find Aaravos. The heroes wish to stop the ancient enemy’s destruction, while Claudia, Viren, and Terry (Benjamin Callins) desire to free the Startouch Elf for Viren’s life. Both groups struggle since Aaravos’ prison is well-hidden, and the Archdragons share knowledge.

Claudia’s squad has a goal, but Viren’s health hinders them. Ezran exploits Zubeia’s friendship to learn about Aaravos’ incarceration from the other dragons. Ezran and crew arrive at the prison at the exact moment, but knowing it’s underwater, they’re better prepared. Callum draws ruins to breathe underwater, but Rayla’s worries keep her away. She watches their animals from the boat with Soren while Callum and Ezran dive to stop Claudia.

Claudia makes a concoction to breathe underwater and grow tentacles, where she meets Callum and Ezran. The boys don’t believe her claim that she’s protecting her father. Ezran recognizes the prison, but Claudia cannot. She threatens him. Rayla bravely defends Ezran.

Rayla frees herself by cutting off Claudia’s tentacle, and Callum steals the potion, forcing an injured Claudia to return to the surface. The heroes win and take the magical little prison. With Claudia still their enemy, perhaps now more than ever, the heroes need a plan to protect it or, as Callum suggests, kill Aaravos.

The Dragon Prince Season 5 Ending Explained

Where To Watch The Dragon Prince Season 6?

You can watch the 1 – 5  season of The Dragon Prince On Netflix. When the six season of The Dragon Prince is ready to stream, you can watch each week’s new episode on Netflix.

Is There A Trailer Available For The Dragon Prince Season 6?

No there is no trailer available for The Dragon Prince Season 6. However you can watch The Dragon Prince Season 5 trailer. Below.

The Dragon Prince | Season 5 Official Trailer

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