Twisted Metal Season 2 Release Date Updates: Will There Be A New Season?

It’s not a surprise that Twisted Metal has been picked up for a second season since Season 1 was one of the better TV shows based on video games. There you have it. Everything we know about Season 2 of Twisted Metal.

Season 1 of Twisted Metal, a show based on the fighting video games, debuted last year on Peacock. It’s a neon-coloured crazy dream in the best way.

The show stars Anthony Mackie and Stephanie Beatriz and is based on the same-named video game series. It follows an unnamed man with amnesia walking through a post-apocalyptic wasteland with an unknown package.

Fans have asked since the show’s premiere on Peacock if there will be a second season or John Doe’s story is over. This is what we know.

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Twisted Metal will have a second season

Screenrant confirms that Peacock finally picked up Twisted Metal for a second season in December 2023, even though it took a while.

In July of that year, the show’s first episodes aired, and it wasn’t until almost six months later that news about the future came out. We are still determining what happens after season 2, but more shows are coming.

Twisted Metal Season 2 Announcement Video

Twisted Metal Season 2 Teaser | 'Season 2 is Coming'

When will Season 2 of Twisted Metal come out?

Dexerto says that Twisted Metal will have a second season in December 2023. As of this writing, there has yet to be a word on when it will come out, but we should wait a while.

Michael Jonathan Smith, who runs the show, told NBC Insider at the end of last year, “The desk has begun.” Our writing team is excellent, and we’re talking about the season’s plot and what the first show might be like by looking at the big picture. I’m thrilled.

Since the writing began in December last year, casting for new characters, shooting, and editing are still underway. This means that Season 2 should come out sometime in 2025. As further information comes in, we’ll make sure this space is always up to date.

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Twisted Metal Season 2 Cast Details

The Twisted Metal season 1 ending was the first time we met Dollface. The book says that Dollface is John Doe’s sister, but the Peacock version doesn’t say much about the character.

Dollface suddenly appears behind Quiet (played by Beatriz, who used to be on Brooklyn Nine-Nine) and asks for information about John Doe. The figure is easy to spot because she wears an attractive mask.

There were also Easter eggs about Axel and Calypso in season 1 of Twisted Metal. In the games, Axel stands out because he has a mental link to his car. The part he plays is the “axel” that goes between the two wheels.

The figure, who has been in almost all Twisted Metal games, will be in the tournament for the next season. When it comes to Calypso, he made the Twisted Metal contest. Regardless of what the winner wants, he can make it come true.

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That wish is often twisted, though, and used to punish people. Raven (Campbell) doesn’t care about the risks when she asks John to drive her to the dangerous contest. All this points to a bloody second part of the streaming hit.

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How the end of Season 1 set up Season 2 of Twisted Metal?

Season 1 of Twisted Metal was all about setting up season 2. In the Peacock series, there isn’t a real Twisted Metal competition. Raven trains Joe to become a Twisted Metal winner for most of the ten episodes.

It may have been disappointing that there wasn’t a Twisted Metal tournament, but the tournament in season 2 will be even better. Raven, also named Calypso, organized the evil competition in the video game series. Calypso is acting as the series’ main bad guy.

Even though Jeeps shot and killed Sweet Tooth at the end of season 1, the famous clown will return for season 2. In the show’s last scene, Sweet Tooth carries a crying Stu away from Mike.

This means that in the next season, there will be a change in the balance of power between Sweet Tooth and Stu. Agent Stone, who was a bad guy in the show, finally had a gun to his head and was about to shoot himself, but the scene cuts off, suggesting that Stone is still living in Twisted Metal and will be back in season 2.

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Storyline of Season 2 of Twisted Metal

Based on how season 1 ended, what will happen in season 2 seems pretty straightforward. There may be a Twisted Metal tournament in Season 2. In the next season of Twisted Metal, John Doe will grow up and learn to act like an adult when he’s not in the contest. He’ll also finally find out more about his past.

Along with other plot details for season 2, Agent Stone might have a chance to make things right, and Sweet Tooth will want blood even more than she did in season 1.

How to watch Twisted Metal?

Peacock now lets you watch the whole first season of Twisted Metal. Hopefully, Twisted Metal season 2 will also stream on Peacock

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