Box Office Titans: Highest Grossing Anime Movies In India! Prepare To Be Amazed!

Welcome to “Box Office Titans: Highest Grossing Anime Movies in Indian Cinema!” Over the past few decades, anime has become a worldwide phenomenon. Its mesmerizing stories and stunning pictures have captivated people all over the world. In india, anime has had a significant impact because it has made its way into the heart of indian film.

From the beautiful films made by studio ghibli to the adrenaline-pumping shonen hits, anime films have not only made it to the big screen, but they have also done very well at the box office.

Join us on this exciting trip as we look at the highest-grossing anime films in indian cinema and learn about how popular they were and how they affected people all over the country. Get ready to dive into a world where anime meets indian film, and get ready to be blown away by what these box office titans have done.

Highest Grossing Anime Movies In India!

Suzume No Tojimari

Suzume no tojimari which came out in 2022, is one of the most popular anime films ever and has become a worldwide sensation. It’s about a high school student named suzume iwato who tries to save the world by closing weird doors that could cause many natural disasters. The talented and well-liked makoto shinkai directed suzume, which has gotten a lot of praise, especially for its fantastic art.

Suzume no tojimari has been a blockbuster at the box office, making over $320 million worldwide. The movie has broken many box office records and still gets people to see it. It is currently the fourth highest-grossing japanese movie of all time. It has made more money than the first slam dunk, one piece film: red, and howl’s moving castle did in their entire runs.

At the moment, it is the most successful anime movie ever to be shown in china, south korea, and india. According to anime news network, the film has made $112 million in china and $35.78 million in south korea. In india, the film has made more than 10 crore ($1.2 million), more than jujutsu kaisen 0 ever made.

As the movie keeps playing in theatres in india, the money made from this fantastic shinkai work will only go up. In india, suzume no tojimari was released on april 21, 2023, by pvr pictures. On its first weekend, the movie was shown on 250 screens in 85 towns and made about 3.7 crore.

The executive head of pvr inox, sanjeev kumar bijli, thought the movie would make about 10 crore ($1.2 million) over its lifetime. It has met this goal. Thus, it is safe to say that the film has been a success and has shown that anime movies can be incredibly successful in a populous market like India.

Suzume Trailer #1 (2023)


The movie’s director, makoto shinkai, is well-known in india for films like your name, weathering with you, and 5 centimetres per second. The indian anime community has a lot of respect for these pictures, and both fans and critics like them. This reputation could be a big reason why the director’s latest movie did so well at the box office. No matter the real sense, the movie allowed more anime films to be shown in indian theatres.

Jujutsu Kaisen 0

The film “Jujutsu kaisen 0” is an animated adaptation of the book of the same name. Set one year before “Jujutsu kaisen,” the movie focuses on the second-year students at tokyo jujutsu high, with yuji, nobara, and megumi.

The protagonist, yuta okkotsu, is plagued by rika, an vengeful evil spirit. Rika is one of the most malevolent characters in the “Jujutsu kaisen” series, having died in a tragic car accident and now relentlessly haunting yuta. Determined to atone for his past mistakes and understand the workings of rika’s curse, yuta enrolls at tokyo jujutsu high.

The movie achieved tremendous success worldwide, grossing around $196 million, making it the 9th highest-grossing anime of all time. In india, “Jujutsu kaisen 0” made approximately 9.4 crore ($1.14 million) at the box office, securing its position as the second highest-grossing anime movie in the country, right after “Suzume no tojimari.”

JUJUTSU KAISEN 0 | Official Trailer

One Piece Film: Red

One piece film: red is one of the many films in the one piece series, but it is by far the most well-known. The movie came out in 2022 and quickly broke box office records for one piece and japanese anime, making it the fifth highest-grossing anime ever.

The main character of one piece film: red, is uta, a famous singer and childhood friend of luffy’s. She starts as a good guy but quickly becomes the main bad guy. One piece film: red is a great anime movie for people who have seen the series before and those who haven’t. It has great songs with great energy and a scary and exciting story.

The movie was a huge hit all over the world. It made about $246 million, making it the sixth highest-grossing anime ever. In india, “One piece film: red” made about 3.15 crores (us$382,339) at the box office just ten days after it came out.



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