Top 20+ Perverted Anime Series To Watch Now | 2023

Anime has been increasing the scope of genres with every new show. From comedy to time travel to sadness to action to cross-dressing to cooking to thrillers and everything else, anime has done it all. As the world becomes more daring by the day, anime is also bold.

So, there are a lot of anime in which the characters are courageous, cheeky, and perverted. The anime in question is automatically good for fan service in these situations. Whether you like it or not, an mc who does bad things is more famous than a good one—some of us like reading about badass main characters in manhwa and comics and anime. Whether or not the anime becomes popular, the pervy main characters will always be remembered. In this article we tell you top 20+ perverted anime series.

Top 20+ Perverted Anime Series To Watch Now | 2023

1. Sekirei

Sekirei is a word for a race of girls who are very beautiful and have a lot of power. The exciting thing about these Sekireis is that they need to kiss someone to get stronger. The closer they are to a person, the stronger they are.

Now Sahashi Minato comes in. He is smart, more intelligent than most people, and a little timid. The story is all about him and the five Sekireis he can use. (It looks like someone has five wives). In reality, he’s not an evil main character like the others. But the fact that he wants to help these Sekirei makes him a strange person.

It’s one of the things that helped him get to the top. You’ll love how they get along, and their backstories and other problems make for an exciting show.


2. Trinity Seven 

This has a good mix of funny, magical, and serious parts. The story is mainly about Arata. When a Breakdown Phenomenon happens, he loses his cousin Hijiri, and his everyday life ends.

The story gets more interesting when Arata is revealed to be the Demon Lord of Superbia storage. He is living his dream of being a perverted man because seven strong and very talented girls surround him.

He never tries to hide that he is a pervert who likes to get turned on. He probably enjoys his pervy times even when in a tough fight.

Trinity Seven

3. R-15

Takuto akutagawa is good at writing p*rn books. He wants to attend hiramekigakuen, a high school that only takes students with “Unique” skills. Now he has to go after his dream and lead his friends to win a competition between classes.


4. Kampfer

Kampfer is a japanese light novel series written by toshihiko tsukiji. In the story, senou natsuru is an average high school student. One morning, he wakes up and finds himself changed into a beautiful girl. Then, a stuffed tiger named harakiri tora tells him that he has been picked to be a kampfer (german for “Fighter”) who has to fight other kampfers with guns, swords, or magic. Natsuru has been given great strength, fighting skills, and the power to use magic, but she discovers that only girls can be kampfers. He has no choice but to turn into a girl, again and again, to fight other kampfer and stay alive.


5. Nisemonogatari

Hitagi was once fooled by the black con artist Kaiki Deishu, who now returns to town and spreads the spell that had cursed Nadeko before. Karen and Tsukihi, two of Koyomi’s sisters, try to catch Deishu.


6. Bakemonogatari

The story starts with the main character, koyomi. Mr. Mc is a quiet boy, but he is a wicked boy throughout. After he escapes a vampire attack, his weird and twisted personality gets even worse. The story centers on him and his everyday adventures, in which he saves strange girls in unusual situations.

Since koyomi makes it through his transformation into a vampire, he still has some of their traits. The most annoying thing is that he uses these qualities to defend his se*ually twisted behavior and horny acts. A lot of people likes this strangely bold and sexual main character. So, he made sure he would be at the top.


7. Seven Deadly Sins

The seven dangerous sins are, of course, on the wrong side. But even this bad idea of sins has been changed by anime. Seven deadly sins is a group of excellent and strange fighters. Princess elizabeth chooses to get them all back together so they can fight the evil holy knights.

Meliodas, the scary boss of the seven deadly sins, is an open pervert who is very proud of his actions. I guess that’s how he leads his fellow sinners to lust, or maybe it’s just one of his strange habits. The cartoon is not rude or sexual. Still, you will see a peculiar guy every now and then.

Seven Deadly Sins

8.  Shimoneta

Sixteen years after the “Law for Public Order and Morals in Healthy Child-Raising” made it illegal to use foul language, Tanukichi Okuma goes to the best public morals school in the country and is soon asked to join the Anti-Societal Organisation (SOX) by the group’s founder, Ayame Kajou. Tanukichi takes part in obscene acts of terrorism against the bright student council president, Anna, because Ayame forced him to join. Tanukichi has a crush on Anna.


9. Mushoku Tensei

The story starts with the death of a 34-year-old meet. Not to ruin the surprise, but that’s our main character, rudeus. He dies and comes back to life as a wealthy noble. He chooses to live an exciting life full of magic, swordplay, and a strange personality.

This anime wouldn’t be exciting if it weren’t for the pretty and skilled girls of different races. It’s scary that a 34-year-old person with a sound mind is living as a child.

In the anime, rudeus is a very skilled person. Still, he doesn’t think he’s “Underage,” so he shouldn’t listen to r-rated things. Instead, he often does terrible and perverted things while pretending to be a child or minor. (for sure, an absolute genius)

Mushoku Tensei


10. Monster Musume

Kimihito kurusu didn’t sign up for the exchange program, but when miia, who was scared and embarrassed, was brought to his door by mistake by kuruko smith, he didn’t dare to send her back, so he and miia moved in together. Three years ago, the world discovered that harpies, centaurs, catgirls, and other fantastic animals are not just made-up stories but authentic, with scales, feathers, horns, and fangs to boot! The cultural exchange between species act has helped these mythical creatures become part of society, or at least try to. For kurusu, miia is hot, and it’s against the law for different species to breed.

Monster Musume

11. Girls Bravo

In girls bravo, yukinari has been bullied and abused by girls all his life. Now that he is in high school, he has a rare condition: he gets hives whenever a girl touches him or even gets close to him. He is suddenly taken to the city of seiren, which is on a mysterious world that orbits the earth and is full of women but has few men. He has a new friend, miharu-chan, whose touch doesn’t bother him for some reason.

Girls Bravo

12. High School DXD

Welcome to the school where fallen angels and demons learn with humans. Issei Hyoudou, who is always thinking about girls and other things, is the story’s main character. His life as a human ends suddenly on his first date when a fallen angel kills him.

By chance, when he opens his eyes, he sees a low-level monster. As he changes to being a servant of the school’s most beautiful girl and the most powerful demon, he gets into fights every day, which moves the story forward. He died because of how lustful he was, and he still does everything he can to keep that trait.

On top of that, he wants to make a world full of evil girls just for himself. As a pervert, this guy would never lose to anyone.

High School Dxd

13. Queen’s Blade

It is a set of books by hobby japan about visual fighting. All of the figures are women, and they are shown in erotic and se*ually suggestive ways. The game’s story is mainly about a battle called the queen’s blade, held every four years to choose a queen.

Queen’s Blade

14. To Love Ru

The story is about a high school student named yuuki rito who has a crush on sairenji haruna but can’t tell her. One day, he came home and cried in the bathtub. Out of nowhere, a strange nak*d girl named lala showed up. She is the heir to the throne of her home world, deviluke. Her father wants her to return to her home planet and marry one of the men there, but she decides to marry rito to stay on earth.

To Love Ru

15. Prison School

This is a real pervert anime show as in this, you would see girls wearing tight clothes with big b*obs and vague sub-dom relationships. Every episode that you would watch is about sucking or touching the b*obs, mastu***ating, and high school kids getting it on.

Prison School

16. B Gata H Kei

This anime series is about s*x, like this high school girl who wants to have 100 love adventures. First, he has to make her lose her virginity, and she wants it to be remarkable. So, this show has a lot of se*ually explicit material and scenes for adults.

B Gata H Kei'

17. Urusei Yatsura

It is one of the strangest stories, and the plot is simple. The story starts with an alien attack, and the earth is in danger of destruction. The only way to save earth is to beat the aliens at their favorite sport.

The twist is that the person chosen for this sacred job is, unfortunately, our main character, ataru moroboshi, the biggest pervert and lecher in the world. The fate of the world is in the hands of this scumbag. Those are the hands he uses to touch every woman except his wife. He would be the first person on my list if only for how strange he is.

Urusei Yatsura

18. City Hunter

City hunter is a well-known figure from the 1980s. The stories of city hunter have been turned into films, plays, manga, and anime, among other things. The story concerns ryo saeba, the city hunter, and his exciting life.

Depending on the case, he plays a spy, soldier, detective, and many other roles. Besides that, he is known for flirting with and following girls wherever he is. He is a weirdo who looks like a government worker.

City Hunter

19. High School Of The Dead

This anime is about a high school student named Takashi Komuro. He is a normal kid until a dangerous virus spreads worldwide and turns people into zombies.

With the help of his friends and the school nurse, they fight their way out and keep going to find out what’s going on.

High School Of The Dead

20. Kiss X Sis

Suminoe keita, a boy in his third year of junior high school, starts the story by studying for his tests to get into high school. He lives with his older twin stepsisters, ako and riko, who show their love for him by kissing, flashing, and other public displays of affection. They are helping him study for his tests. Even though he is not related to his two stepsisters by blood, keita starts to feel romantically drawn to them. At first, he doesn’t like himself for this. When his parents see how much he wants one of them, they try to get him to marry her.

Kiss X sis

21. Masou Gakuen HxH

The story’s plot occurs when earth, in the future, is attacked by invaders from another universe through portals and weapons combining magic and science. As people’s weapons become useless, they build huge floating buildings called mega floats. Heart hybrid gear, or hhg, is the only weapon that works. Hida kizuna has it, and his sister sends him to a defense school where students use their hhg skills to fight attackers. Kizuna’s fighting skills could be better, but his sister has a different idea. She thinks having sexual experiences with kizuna will give the girls more energy and help them power up.

Masou Gakuen HxH

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