5 Most Epic Anime Spanking Scenes Of All Time

Ever wonder which anime characters got spanked the hardest? We’re not talking about your standard slap on the wrist here – we mean full-on, over-the-knee, pants-down corporal punishment. You’re in for a treat, you naughty otaku, you. We combed through hundreds of episodes to find the most epic, cringe-worthy anime spankings ever animated. Fair warning: some of these might awaken something in you. Or maybe that’s just us. Anyway, grab a pillow to bite down on and get ready for the 10 most epic anime spanks of all time. This is gonna hurt so good!

Most Epic Anime Spanking Scenes Of All Time

My favorite spanking scene is from “Utawarerumono: Itsuwari No Kamen”,

when Anju gets a bare bum spanking from Munechika, more specifically when the adult initially grabs the 11 or 12-year-old girl, then pulls down her pants and smacks her bare bum.

uuta spanking Rikka

Koko Shuzen being spanked by her father from Rosario and Vampire

My third favorite spanking scene is from “Rosario+Vampire”, when Kurumu smacks Yukari’s bum to keep her quiet.

Yukari Sendou being spanked by Kurumu Kurono from the same show

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