Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Is Confirmed, Release Date, Cast, Trailer And More!

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 has just ended, leaving fans of the famous show wanting more action. There was no disappointment, though, because the game’s creators revealed Tokyo Revengers Season 3 in the last episode of the second season. The next installment is being made under the Tokyo Revengers: Tenjiku Arc. Also, fans can watch a brand-new teaser for the upcoming season.


The Tokyo Revengers anime will continue with the Tokyo Revengers: Tenjiku Arc after the last episode of Season 2. Now that Toman is out of order, this new arc introduces a vast new group in the past, led by Izana Kurokawa, who is one of the most dangerous gang leaders we’ve seen so far. He’s on the latest Tokyo Revengers Season 3 poster, which you can see above and below:

Even though the manga is over, Tenjiku Arc is still one of the most popular parts of the story. The new arc, which comprises 66 of the manga’s 278 chapters, will surely please both longtime manga readers and anime fans. It will show the conflict between Takemichi and Tetta Kisaki leading up to the end of the story. Fans think the Tenjiku Arc adaptation will be just as good, if not better.

Here’s everything you need to know about Season 3 of The Tokyo Revengers: Release Date, Cast, Trailer And More!

Tokyo Revengers Season 3: Released Date

The release date and time for Tokyo Revengers Season 3 still need to be discovered since no official has been announced other than the show being renewed.

Tokyo Revengers Season 3 will cover the Tenjiku Arc from Ken Wakui’s original Tokyo Revengers manga, which is one of the longest in the manga as a whole. As a result, it is open to guessing. Season 1 was released in 2021, and Season 2 in 2023. With the gap in mind, you can expect the release to be in the winter of 2024/25 or the summer of 2025.

Tokyo Revengers Season 3: Cast

Tokyo Revengers added some new faces and voices to the cast who could be around for Season 3’s events. Including Izana Kurokawa, The Feared Gang Leader Of “Tenjiku.” People who have been reading manga for a long time are eagerly awaiting his casting and introduction.

The Tenjiku Gang Leader, Izana Kurokawa, will be voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki. He is famous for having voiced Yuno (Black Clover), Nagi (Blue Lock), and Mahito (Jujutsu Kaisen).

Tokyo Revengers Season 3: Cast

One of Tenjiku’s Four Heavenly Kings, Kanji Mochizuki, is played by Tetsu Inada. He is known for voicing Barakiel, Komamura, and Endeavour in Bleach. (Dxd High School Born)

Kanji Mochizuki

3. Kakucho

Kakucho is one of the Four Heavenly Kings and a member of Yokohama Tenjiku. He is the group leader and Izana Kurokawa’s right-hand man. Kakucho is second in the gang only to Izana, which makes him one of the most powerful fighters in the series.

Because of what happened to him in the past, Kakucho can’t trust other people. He only trusts Izana and is even willing to kill him. In the following season, he will play a significantly lousy guy in the Tenjiku arc and kill some of the essential Toman members.


How Many Episodes Will Be In Tokyo Revengers Season 3?

The Number Of Episodes For Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Is Yet To Be Revealed. However, The Tenjiku Arc, Which Will Be Covered In The Upcoming Season, Comprises 64 Chapters. The Previous Arc Consisted Of 44 Chapters And 12 Episodes. Therefore, It Is Expected That Season 3 Will Have Anywhere From 18 To 22 Episodes.

Which Studio Is Making Tokyo Revengers: Season 3?

The Tenjiku Arc is one of the best parts of the story, and some people may even think it’s the best part of the whole manga because it has so much chaos. The good news is that the studio has stayed the same, so Tokyo Revengers: Season 3 will still be animated by Liden Films.

Liden Films is putting more effort into several other anime shows, especially the highly anticipated Goblin Slayer: Season 2, which is set to come out later in 2023. But it’s clear from the crazy visuals in the teaser that Liden Films won’t skimp on the quality of Tokyo Revengers: Season 3, even though they’re busy with other projects.

Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Plot

Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Plot

Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Will Start From Chapter 122 Of The Manga. The Story Will Revolve Around Takemichi’s Meeting With Manjiro Sano, Where He Aims To Fix The Past Again So That Mikey And Other Members Of The Tokyo Gang Will Be Alive. He Tries To Prevent The Same Future Where People Die And Also Comes Across The Leader Of The Gang, Izana.

The Arc Introduces A Criminal Organization Called Tenjiku, Headed By Izana Kurokawa And Tetta Kisaki. They Have Only One Goal: To Exact Revenge On Takemichi’s Current Gang, The Tokyo Manji Gang (Toman), Which Is Commanded By The Deuteragonist Mikey.

The Focal Point Of The Conflict Will Be Tetta Kisaki, A Major Adversary Who Turns Out To Be A Strong Opponent For Takemichi Despite His Time-leaping Skills. The Arc Discusses Key Events Leading Up To The Future That Takemichi Is Attempting To Change.”

Where To Watch Tokyo Revengers Season 3?

Seasons 1 And 2 Of The Anime Were Broadcast On Disney+ And Hulu. If The Same Partnerships Are Maintained, The New Season Will Also Be Broadcast On These Platforms. Disney+ Has A Partnership With Kodansha And Owns Two-thirds Of Hulu.

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