Sunny Aryaa (Tehelka Prank Bhai) BB 17 Contestant- Everything About Prank Youtuber!

Hello, Bigg Boss fans! The much-anticipated season 17 of Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss has finally premiered on the Colors channel, and the excitement is palpable with Sunny Aryaa Aka Tehelka Prank Bhai.

Sunny Aryaa, the creative genius behind the popular YouTube channel Tehelka Prank Bhai, has carved a niche for himself in the world of social media entertainment. His hilarious and thought-provoking pranks have garnered millions of views, captivating audiences worldwide.

Sunny already has a lot of fans on YouTube, and people are immediately interested in him on Instagram as well. He has more than 3 million followers on his main channel, Tehelka Prank. His Facebook page has over 3 million fans, and his Instagram account has more than 60 lakh followers. The internet is abuzz, and TV enthusiasts can’t seem to get enough of the grand premiere episode that aired on Sunday, October 15, 2023.

Sunny Arya (Tehelka Prank Bhai) BB 17 Contestent

Sunny Aryaa (Tehelka Prank Bhai) Short Biography:

Category Information
Name Sunny Aryaa
Known As Tehelka Prank Bhai
Occupation YouTuber, Content Creator
Channel Name Tehelka Prank Bhai
Location Karnal, India
Notable Achievements Millions of views on YouTube, widespread recognition for unique prank style
Impact Sparked conversations about social issues, promoted empathy and understanding
Recognition Pioneer in the realm of social media entertainment
Social Youtube, Instagram, Facebook

Sunny Aryaa: Early Life And Inspiration

Hailing from Karnal, India, Sunny Aryaa’s journey into the realm of prank videos began with a simple desire to spread laughter and joy. Inspired by the power of humor to connect people and alleviate stress, he embarked on a mission to create content that would bring smiles to faces.

Sunny Arya (Tehelka Prank Bhai) family photos

Tehelka Prank Bhai: A Journey Of Success:

In 2017, Sunny Aryaa launched his YouTube channel, Tehelka Prank Bhai, armed with a vision to revolutionize the prank genre. His unique approach, blending creativity with social awareness, quickly resonated with viewers, propelling the channel to immense popularity.

Sunny Arya (Tehelka Prank Bhai) With Wife Photo

Tehelka Prank Bhai: A Journey Of Humour And Social Awareness:

Sunny Aryaa’s foray into the world of social media entertainment began with the creation of his YouTube channel, Tehelka Prank Bhai. Through this platform, he showcased his knack for crafting humorous pranks that not only entertained viewers but also subtly addressed social issues.

Sunny Arya (Tehelka Prank Bhai) wife with kite images

Sunny Aryaa’s Acting And Dancing Prowess:

Sunny Aryaa’s talents extend beyond the realm of pranks. He has garnered recognition for his acting abilities, captivating audiences with his on-screen presence and versatility. Additionally, his passion for dance has led him to create engaging dance tutorials, inspiring others to embrace the joy of movement.

Sunny Arya (Tehelka Prank Bhai) with his wife in yellow dress

Sunny Aryaa’s Prank Style:

Sunny Arya (Tehelka Prank Bhai) with wife in saree

Sunny Aryaa’s pranks are not merely about eliciting laughter; they often carry underlying messages that address social issues and encourage positive change. His ability to seamlessly weave humor with social commentary has become a hallmark of his work.

Salon Prank Part 5 | Sunny Arya | Tehelka Prank

Impact On Society:

Sunny Aryaa’s pranks have transcended the realm of entertainment, sparking conversations about societal norms and encouraging introspection among viewers. His videos have become a catalyst for social change, promoting empathy, understanding, and acceptance.

Sunny Arya (Tehelka Prank Bhai) with wife images phtos

A Grand Start To A Grand Show

The premiere episode was nothing short of a spectacle. Salman Khan, with his signature charm, set the stage on fire. The production team and the channel have upped their game, ensuring that every episode is packed with entertainment. With contestants from diverse professions, including lawyers and journalists, this season promises a mix of drama, fun, and unexpected twists.

Sunny Arya (Tehelka Prank Bhai) with wife photos

A Stellar Line-Up

The contestant list is as exciting as ever. From TV stars like Khanzaadi, Sana Raees Khan, Aishwarya Sharma, Ankita Lokhande, and Neil Bhatt to social media influencers like Isha Malviya and Abhishek Kumar, the house is filled with dynamic personalities. Not to forget, the previous season’s YouTube sensations, Abhishek Malhan and Elvish Yadav, who left an indelible mark. Elvish even made history by becoming the first wildcard contestant to win a Bigg Boss season.

Spotlight On Sunny Aryaa

But the contestant who’s caught everyone’s attention this season is Sunny Aryaa, popularly known as Tehelka Bhai on YouTube. For those who love a good laugh, Sunny’s hilarious prank videos are a must-watch. His significant presence on social media, especially with a whopping 701k followers on Instagram, makes him one of the most followed contestants of BB 17.

Sunny Arya (Tehelka Prank Bhai)

Sunny Aryaa: Physical Stats

Height (approx.) in centimeters– 183 cm
in meters– 1.83 m
in feet & inches– 6โ€™
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black

Some Known Facts About Sunny Aryaa

  • In 2019, he started his career as a YouTuber with the channel โ€œTehelka Prank.โ€ The channel features a variety of comical prank videos.
  • Initially, he executed pranks in public settings. Later, he began creating prank videos on his family members, including his parents and wife.
  • Sunny Arya enjoys travelling, dancing, singing, and gaming.
  • Tehelka Bhai is a fitness fanatic who adheres to a rigid diet and workout regimen.
  • He adores animals and owns a dog named Buggu as a pet.
  • Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan are two Bollywood actors who Tehelka Bhai admires.

FAQ: Sunny Aryaa in Bigg Boss 17

1. Who is Sunny Aryaa?

  • Sunny Aryaa, also known as Tehelka Bhai, is a popular YouTuber known for his hilarious prank videos. He has a significant presence on social media, especially on YouTube and Instagram.

2. What show is Sunny Aryaa participating in?

  • Sunny Aryaa is participating in “Bigg Boss 17”, a popular reality show hosted by Salman Khan.

3. How many followers does Sunny Aryaa have on Instagram?

  • Sunny Aryaa boasts a following of 699k on Instagram, making him one of the most followed contestants of “Bigg Boss 17”.

4. Who are some of the other contestants on “Bigg Boss 17”?

  • Apart from Sunny Aryaa, other contestants include AishwAryaa Sharma, Ankita Lokhande, Munawar Faruqui, Neil Bhatt, Vicky Jain, Isha Malviya, Abhishek Kumar, and several others.

5. Who hosted the premiere episode of “Bigg Boss 17”?

  • The premiere episode of “Bigg Boss 17” was hosted by the charismatic Salman Khan.

6. Were there any YouTubers in the previous season of Bigg Boss?

  • Yes, the previous season, “Bigg Boss OTT 2”, featured YouTubers Abhishek Malhan and Elvish Yadav. Elvish Yadav even became the first wildcard contestant to win a Bigg Boss season.

7. What is Sunny Aryaa’s popular nickname on YouTube?

  • On YouTube, Sunny Aryaa is popularly known as Tehelka Bhai.

8. What can viewers expect from this season of “Bigg Boss 17”?

  • “Bigg Boss 17” promises to be grander, more lavish, and entertaining with a mix of drama, fun, and unexpected twists, given its diverse lineup of contestants from various professions.


Sunny Aryaa, the man behind Tehelka Prank Bhai, has transformed the world of prank videos, proving that laughter can be a powerful tool for social commentary and positive change. His innovative approach and dedication to spreading joy have made him a true pioneer in the realm of social media entertainment.

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